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SAP NetWeaver Training Courses

Are you looking to give your team the knowledge they require to meet and exceed your business goals? Dedicated SAP NetWeaver training from ExitCertified is a great first step. With NetWeaver Overview, Database Administration, System Administration, Java, ABAP, PI, Security, Master Data Management, Portal Development and Mobile training, you will find all of your SAP NetWeaver training courses below.
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  • SAP - Agile SAP Project Implementation (Course)

    Course Code: WNASA-v091
    Skills Gained During the SAP Agile training, all aspects of Scrum will be covered both in theory and practice. You will learn about the Scrum values and principles and the way in which these...
  • SAP - BW - Enterprise Data Warehousing (Course)

    Course Code: BW310-v010
    Skills Gained Participants will gain SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse knowledge necessary for successful implementation and administration within a heterogeneous SAP NetWeaver BW system landscape The...
  • SAP - BW Operations and Performance (Course)

    Course Code: BW360-v010
    Skills Gained Acquire extended knowledge and skills in SAP BW Operations Acquire extended knowledge and skills in SAP BW Perfomance Optimization Who Can Benefit Database Administrator Solution...
  • SAP - SAP BW Data Acquisition (Course)

    Course Code: BW350-v010
    Skills Gained Learn how to extract data from SAP source systems with Service API and how to manage delta data Acquire data from other source systems using different interfaces such as: DB Connect,...
  • SAP - User Management and Authorizations (Course)

    Course Code: BW365-v010
    Skills Gained Describe how security is implemented in SAP BW. Implement and manage security in an SAP BW environment. Who Can Benefit Application Consultant System Administrator Prerequisites...
  • SAP - UI Development with Web Dynpro for ABAP (Course)

    Course Code: NET312-v010
    Skills Gained Create sophisticated user interfaces for Web Dynpro ABAP applications Who Can Benefit Developer Developer Consultant Prerequisites Essential:    -NET310 Recommended:...
  • SAP - BW - Integrated Planning (Course)

    Course Code: BW370-v098
    Skills Gained This course gives you an in-depth introduction In-Memory Planning in SAP BW on SAP HANA database (PAK or BW-IP on HANA) Who Can Benefit Employees in Corporate Controlling who deal with...
  • SAP - PI Message Mapping (Course)

    Course Code: BIT460-v015
    Skills Gained Participants learn the technical options of defining and using mapping. Who Can Benefit Developer Developer Consultant System Architect Technology Consultant Prerequisites Essential:...
  • SAP - SAP NetWeaver - Overview (Course)

    Course Code: SAPNW-v015
    Skills Gained Familiarize yourself with the concepts of SAP NetWeaver Recognize the benefits for your company of using SAP NetWeaver Get an overview of the various components of SAP NetWeaver Explain...
  • SAP - SAP Security Boot Camp to certification (Course)

    Course Code: WNASEC-v016
    Skills Gained Learn about the elements, strategies, and tools of the SAP authorization concept Create and assign authorizations using the Role Administration / Profile Generator Know more about the...
  • SAP - SAP Process Integration (Course)

    Course Code: TBIT40-v015
    Skills Gained The participants will learn to configure scenarios Understand and configure the different options with which a back-end system can be connected to the SAP Process Integration (formerly...
  • SAP - Portal Development using ABAP (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPDA-v095
    Skills Gained -Create sophisticated user interfaces using ABAP -Using these User Interfaces to create Enterprise Portal iViews -Show an End to End perspective on creating EP content using ABAP -Show...
  • SAP - Database Administration SAP ASE for SAP Business Suite (Course)

    Course Code: ADM540-v016
    Skills Gained Understanding SAP ASE Concepts and Architecture Get familiarized with SAP ASE operations Describe the SAP ASE Administration tools Explain how to monitor SAP ASE by using DBA cockpit...
  • SAP - Advanced ABAP Debugging and Analysis (Course)

    Course Code: BC403-v015
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Fully exploit the capabilities of ABAP debugger    -Use all kinds of debugger tools    -Restrict...
  • SAP - Enhancements and Modifications (Course)

    Course Code: BC425-v016
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Understand the options for making customer-specific adjustments to the SAP standard applications    -Search for...