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  • SAP - Data Archiving (Course)

    Course Code: BIT660-v011
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained In this course, the following is taught:    -explaining and demonstrating the data archiving concept,    -gaining an understanding, how...
  • SAP - Process Orchestration Overview (Course)

    Course Code: BIT800-v016
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -configure Process Orchestration business scenarios Who Can Benefit Business Process Architect Business Process...
  • SAP - Application Link Enabling (ALE) Technology (Course)

    Course Code: BIT300-v010
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Implementation of SAP ALE business scenarios in a distributed system landscape Understand the possibilities and limits of ALE Who Can Benefit Project Team Consultants...
  • SAP - PI Message Mapping (Course)

    Course Code: BIT460-v015
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Participants learn the technical options of defining and using mapping. Who Can Benefit Developer Developer Consultant System Architect Technology Consultant...
  • SAP - SAP Workflow - Build and Use (Course)

    Course Code: BIT601-v015
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained This course will prepare participants to use workflow tools to define and implement their own workflows. Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Owner...
  • SAP - SAP Workflow - Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting and Using Standard Templates (Course)

    Course Code: BIT600-v015
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained This course prepares participants to explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow and to make the appropriate settings for workflow processing....
  • SAP - SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - Delta PI 7.3 (Course)

    Course Code: DPI73-v095
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained The class teaches the new functions of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.3 (delta course) Who Can Benefit Consultants and developers who want to set up scenarios...
  • SAP - Workflow and ABAP-OO (Course)

    Course Code: BIT611-v062
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Participants learn about programming the workflow interface using ABAP-OO instead of business objects Who Can Benefit Administrators Developers Consultants...
  • SAP - SAP Workflow and Web Scenarios (Course)

    Course Code: BIT603-v062
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Explain how workflows can be used in conjunction with the Internet and intranets Understand how SAP WebFlow Services can be called within a workflow Create workflows...
  • SAP - SAP Workflow - Programming (Course)

    Course Code: BIT610-v062
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained The course covers adjustments to workflows that require customer programming. The participants learn to program workflow interfaces at the following levels: objects,...
  • SAP - Data Transfer (Course)

    Course Code: BC420-v093
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Learn the available transfer methods Correct transfer of legacy data to the SAP system Who Can Benefit Developer Consultants Prerequisites Essential:...