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Portal Development using ABAP

Course Details
Code: WNAPDA-v095
Tuition (USD): $3,350.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,037.78 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • -Create sophisticated user interfaces using ABAP -Using these User Interfaces to create Enterprise Portal iViews -Show an End to End perspective on creating EP content using ABAP -Show that ABAP can be used instead of Java for many applications

Who Can Benefit

  • -Developers of applications based on ABAP -Software Architects -Developers transitioning to ABAP


  • *Essential -ABAP Workbench (BC400)

Course Details

Course Content

  • *Big Picture -Explaining Business Motivations for Portals -Describing SAP NetWeaver -Explaining the Basics of SAP Enterprise Portal -The End User's Perspective -Logging On and Navigating in SAP Enterprise Portal -Personalizing SAP Enterprise Portal *Technical Infrastructure -Determining System Requirements -Outlining SAP Enterprise Portal's Architecture *Portal Platform Content -Explaining the Object Model for Portal Catalog -Managing iViews -Managing Portal Pages -Managing Worksets and Portal Roles -Explaining Business Packages -Outlining Portal Content Development Tools *System architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server *Process of an HTTP request/response cycle *Components of a BSP application and a BSP *Create BSP applications and BSPs *Introduction to Web Dynpro -Outlining Web Dynpro Benefits -Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture -Navigating between Views -Using View Assemblies -Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture and Relationships between Entities *Web Dynpro Controllers -Exlpaining Web Dynpro Controllers *Web Dynpro Context -Defining the Context -Setting Context Node Properties -Context Mapping *Web Dynpro User Interface -Defining the View Layout -Data Binding and Controlling UI Element Behavior -Using Composite UI Elements -Using Static Context Menus *Overview of the SAP Fiori solution *Introduction to SAP Fiori Apps (Manager & Employee) *SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori *SAP Fiori architectures and technology (App types, Architecture structure/details, hardware & software requirements) *Role of SAP SAPUI5 *Basics of SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services *Configuration overview – Transactional, Fact Sheets, Analytical & Launchpad *Launchpad overview and functions *Overview of the Enhancement Concept *Pre Exits, Post Exits and Method Overwrites *All possible Enhancement Changes to SAP Standard Web DynPro *Changes to layout and events *Defining CHIPs *Using Side Panels with Chips *Portal Eventing using ABAP *Portal Client Data Bag using ABAP *Portal Navigation using ABAP *WorkProtect using ABAP
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