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SAP Strategy Management

Course Details
Code: SSM310-v015
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Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -This course will provide a technical and end user knowledge base for an SAP Strategy Management implementation. Individuals taking this course will have a solid understanding of designing, developing and managing a strategy management solution in addition to acquiring a high- level understanding on how to develop an Application Server database to be used in the implementation of a strategy management solution.

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Architect


  • Essential:
  • Recommended:
       -Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
       -Basic knowledge of SQL Server
       -Basic knowledge of general computer use and navigation

Course Details

Course Content

  • Overview
       -User Interface Overview
       -Home Page
       -Strategy Page
       -Initiatives Page
       -Scorecard Page
       -Reports Page
       -Dashboards Page
       -Briefing Books
  • Setting Up and Creating Your SSM Environment
       -The SSM Environment
       -SSM Application Access
       -User Administration and Authentication
       -Cube Builder
  • Scorecard Administration
       -Library Components
       -Create and Maintain Context Settings
       -Strategy Component
  • Entry and Approval
       -Entry and Approval Component
  • Extended Administration
       -Extended Administration
       -PAS Implementation Overview
       -PAS Environment Overview