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SAP Predictive Analytics

Course Details
Code: PAII10-v004
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Virtual (5 days)
$4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -Understand predictive analytics concepts and approaches, as well as how they are implemented within the context of the SAP Predictive Analytics tool.
       -Develop the ability to use Predictive Analytics within a Data Science project context.
       -Be able to use automated analytics capabilities to build, score and implement classification, regression and time-series models.
       -Use Data Manager to prepare and manipulate data to support modelling.
       -Understand and implement Predictive Factory to import, build and schedule models.
       -Build Social and Recommendation models
       -Introduction to Expert Analytics and the Predictive Analytics Library (PAL)

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Program / Project Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant


  • Essential:
  • Recommended:
       -Basic statistical skills and a background in Business Analytics and Data Modelling

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course
       -Welcome introduction and agenda
  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics
       -What is Predictive Analytics
       -Introduction to SAP Predictive Analytics
       -Predictive Analytics projects and CRISP-DM
       -SAP Use Case examples
  • Foundations of Automated Analytics
       -Introduction to SAP Automated Analytics
       -Data Encoding
       -Model Building
  • Classification Modeling with Automated Analytics
       -Training a classification model
       -Understanding model output (1)
       -Demo 1 (screen shot slide presentation)
  • Classification modelling with automated Analytics
       -Applying a model
       -Understanding model output
       -Understanding the confusion matrix
       -Improving Predictive Power and Prediction Confidence
       -Reducing number of variables
       -Data deviation testing
       -Advanced Functionality
       -Advanced Data Description Functionality
  • Regression Modeling with Automated Analytics
       -Training a regression model
       -Understanding model output
  • Clustering with Automated Analytics
       -Introduction to clustering and segmentation
       -Target or no target?
       -Building a segmentation
       -Model debriefing
       -Model apply
       -Segmented models
  • Time Series with Automated Analytics
       -Training a time series
  • Data Manager
       -Data Preparation
       -Data Manipulation
       -Data Manager process and benefits
  • Predictive Factory
       -Building a model in Predictive Factory
       -Importing models
       -Scheduling models
       -Segmented modelling
  • Social and Recommendation
  • SAP Predictive Analytics Expert
       -Expert Analytics
  • SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services
       -SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services

Course based on software release

  • SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3
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