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Now that you have invested in SAP's ERP solution, it's time to make the the most of the software with Certified SAP Enterprise Resource Planning training from ExitCertified. No matter where you are in North America, or how you prefer to take your training, our Education Specialists are here to help you find the right SAP ERP course for you. Select a SAP ERP training category below to get started.
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  • SAP - SAP E-Recruiting (Course)

    Course Code: HR316-v010
    Skills Gained Explain the main areas of the Web-based SAP E-Recruiting solution Configure SAP E-Recruiting processes to meet the business requirements of your recruitment organization. Who Can Benefit...
  • SAP - WNAPCMP Acc. Personnel Dev & Comp (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPCP-v095
    Skills Gained Explaining the functions and configuration of Personnel Development Performing typical process flows in Personnel Development Administration of Performance Management Create Performance...
  • SAP - Management Empowered by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management (Course)

    Course Code: ERP030-E-v052
    Skills Gained Identify how critical management business challenges facing today's Business Manager are addressed and supported by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management. Identify the capabilities,...
  • SAP - Analytics & Reporting in Management Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC680E-E-v082
    Skills Gained Understand the business background the typical questions a cost accoun Understand the different reporting tools provided by SAP system Understand how to use the delivered business...
  • SAP - Analytical Banking 8.0 Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: WUS337-v095
    Skills Gained Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer solution offering Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer Be able to decide on different Bank Analyzer set up options Get...
  • SAP - Transactional Banking 8.0 Works (Course)

    Course Code: WUS338-v095
    Skills Gained This course will provide you with the knowledge on the products and processes applicable for both Loans and Deposit Management (SAP Banking Services 8.0). This knowledge is required to...
  • SAP - Report Writer (Course)

    Course Code: CA710-v015
    Skills Gained Use the advanced functions of the Report Writer for defining custom reports Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Technology Consultant Prerequisites Essential:    -CA705...
  • SAP - Auditing of Financial Business Processes in SAP (Course)

    Course Code: FIN900-v098
    Skills Gained Understanding of core processes and the integration of SAP applications and system control to optimize the internal control system and meet regulations and international standards Who...
  • SAP - SAP HCM Processes and Forms (Course)

    Course Code: HR280-v098
    Skills Gained Work with the SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe. Explain the technical and functional aspects of SAP Interactive Forms Create a remuneration statement for payroll with SAP Smart...
  • SAP - Materials Management Certification Prep (Course)

    Course Code: WNAMMA-v010
    Skills Gained To help prepare you for the Procurement Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project Team Members...
  • SAP - Sales and Distribution Certification Workshop & Exam (Course)

    Course Code: WNASDA-v010
    Skills Gained To help prepare you for the Sales and Distribution Associates Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project...
  • SAP - SAP Commodity Procurement and Sales (Course)

    Course Code: AC710-v098
    Skills Gained In this course, participants learn about SAP Commodity Management in Procurement and Sales processes. This includes commodity specific configuration settings and commodity pricing....
  • SAP - Availability Check (ATP) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM671-v098
    Skills Gained This course gives detailed information about the functions of the availability check in the SAP ERP solution in the context of sales and distribution. Additional further application...
  • SAP - Organizational Management (Course)

    Course Code: HR505-v015
    Skills Gained Outline the basic structure of Organizational Management Outline the integration between OM and other components Set up a multiple reporting structure using a matrix organization Process...
  • SAP - Talent Hybrid Overview Part I: Overview and Basic Settings (Course)

    Course Code: HRH01e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Recall the integration deployment models that can be used to integrate SAP ERP HCM with SuccessFactors and then recall the advantages for each deployment model. Explain what is included...