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Desktop Intelligence - Web Intelligence Delta virtual

Course Details
Code: WNADDWV-v096
Tuition (USD): $670.00 • Virtual (1 day)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $607.56 • Virtual (1 day)

Skills Gained

  • At the end of the training, participants will be able to: - Describe the new features SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 - Identify differences with Desktop Intelligence tool.

Who Can Benefit

  • End Users, Consultants, Universe Designers


  • Essential
       -BusinessObjects 4 or 5 or 6.
       -Desktop Intelligence XI R2 or XI 3.1.
       -Web Intelligence XI R2 or XI 3.1.
  • Recommended

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to BI Launch Pad and planning concepts - Discover the homepage - Navigating the document treeview: Favorites, Public Documents, Search - Actions on a document: 3 modes, view an instance and schedule a refresh
  • Create a new Web Intelligence document and build query filters: - What’s new with Java applet - Create express filters: simple or complex with LOV or prompts - Combine multiple query filters - Backup Options: refresh on opening, document options, CSS form
  • Manipulate data: - Adding a new element from Table types - Conversion of an existing table to a chart - Formatting a table, chart - Copy of an element from existing doc to a new doc
  • Grouping values: - Formatting reports with breaks - Creation of Sections - Formatting concept and page setup associated - Outline mode
  • Focus on specific information - Create quick filters on block or report - Usage of the quick filter bar - Creation of input controls
  • Highlight the data: - Creating formatting rules - Data tracking - Ranking: first, last
  • Create multi-document queries: - Creating a document with multiple queries (multiple universes) - Discover Data Manager and query properties
  • Create variables: - Formula Editor in Web Intelligence - Transforming a formula in a variable - Grouping values with WebIntelligence (If Then Else)
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