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  • SAP - Accounting Customizing Bundle (Course)

    Course Code: WNAACB-v010
    Skills Gained Manage the bank directory, house banks, and vendor and customer bank accounts Configure the Automatic Payment Run Process the Automatic Payment Run Manage the Payment Medium Workbench...
  • SAP - Accounting Customizing I (Course)

    Course Code: AC201-v015
    Skills Gained Participants learn how to implement and use automated Payment Processing for customers and vendor accounts with the SAP ERP application. Participants learn how to implement and use...
  • SAP - Configuration for Investment Management (Course)

    Course Code: AC350-v098
    Skills Gained Configure the following Investment Management objects: Investment programs, appropriation requests, and investment projects as investment measures Who Can Benefit Members of the project...
  • SAP - Internal Orders (Course)

    Course Code: AC415-v015
    Skills Gained Gain an overview of the design and structure of internal order accounting Become familiar with the value flows to and within overhead cost controlling in the SAP system Learn about and...
  • SAP - Accounting Customizing II: Special G/L Transactions, Document Parking, Validation & Substitution, Archiving (Course)

    Course Code: AC202-v015
    Skills Gained The participants become familiar with the application and the Customizing of the functions described in the course content (new general ledger). Who Can Benefit Application Consultants...
  • SAP - Basics of Product Cost Planning (Course)

    Course Code: AC506-v015
    Skills Gained Outline the performance of Product Cost Planning during the entire product life cycle Analyze the required master data and structures and integration within the SAP system Understand how...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Investment Management (Course)

    Course Code: AC020-v098
    Skills Gained Plan and manage your investments using the Investment Management application Who Can Benefit Project managers in the area of Investment Management Members of the project team,...
  • SAP Bank Communication Management (Course)

    Course Code: FSC130-v098
    Skills Gained Understand the concept of SAP Bank Communication Management, get an overview of the SAP Integration Package for SWIFT and become familiar with business processes and configuration. Who...
  • SAP - Profitability Analysis (Course)

    Course Code: AC605-v015
    Skills Gained Course participants learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system Discuss the Actual and Plan value...
  • SAP - Financial Closing (Course)

    Course Code: AC205-v015
    Skills Gained Learn about the time frame and integration flow of the financial closing procedure and the relevant customizing activities involved. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project...
  • SAP - Asset Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC305-v015
    Skills Gained This course focuses on managing FI-AA master data and on the handling of the various business processes in FI-AA. It also covers, e.g., the topics periodic processing, evaluation and...
  • SAP - Analytical Banking 8.0 Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: WUS337-v095
    Skills Gained Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer solution offering Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer Be able to decide on different Bank Analyzer set up options Get...
  • SAP - Transactional Banking 8.0 Works (Course)

    Course Code: WUS338-v095
    Skills Gained This course will provide you with the knowledge on the products and processes applicable for both Loans and Deposit Management (SAP Banking Services 8.0). This knowledge is required to...
  • SAP - Cash Management (Course)

    Course Code: AC805-v098
    Skills Gained Course participants learn the functions of cash management and the short and medium-term liquidity monitoring. Long-term financial budgeting is not covered in this course. Learn how to...
  • SAP - Profit Center Accounting in New General Ledger Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC612-v015
    Skills Gained Set up Profit Center Accounting in an SAP ERP Financials system where the new General Ledger Accounting has been activated Describe and maintain global Profit Center Accounting settings...