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  • SAP - Management Empowered by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management (Course)

    Course Code: ERP030-E-v052
    Skills Gained Identify how critical management business challenges facing today's Business Manager are addressed and supported by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management. Identify the capabilities,...
  • SAP - SAP E-Recruiting (Course)

    Course Code: HR316-v010
    Skills Gained Explain the main areas of the Web-based SAP E-Recruiting solution Configure SAP E-Recruiting processes to meet the business requirements of your recruitment organization. Who Can Benefit...
  • SAP - Canadian Payroll (Course)

    Course Code: HR407-v094
    Skills Gained Understand and configure basic Canadian Payroll using the IMG Who Can Benefit Project team members responsible for Payroll Prerequisites HR050 Business Processes in HCM Course Details...
  • SAP - SAP E-Academy Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM4e-E-v010
    Skills Gained Apply and communicate master data in the area of planning and manufacturing Use and describe applications for production planning Utilize and describe basic functions for managing...
  • SAP - Business Processes in HCM Payroll (Course)

    Course Code: HR110-v015
    Skills Gained Describe how to organize and run payroll including subsequent activities and problem-solving aids Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Analyst Business Process Owner / Team...
  • SAP - Payroll Configuration (Course)

    Course Code: HR400-v015
    Skills Gained Customize the Payroll Schema to calculate payroll elements such as wage types, attendances and absences. Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power...
  • SAP - Configuration of Master Data (Course)

    Course Code: HR305-v015
    Skills Gained Design the Personnel Structure Update the Organizational Structure Manage the Relationship Between Planned Working Time and Basic Pay Configure Wage Types and Increases Set up...
  • SAP - SAP HCM Processes and Forms (Course)

    Course Code: HR280-v098
    Skills Gained Work with the SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe. Explain the technical and functional aspects of SAP Interactive Forms Create a remuneration statement for payroll with SAP Smart...
  • SAP - Organizational Management (Course)

    Course Code: HR505-v015
    Skills Gained Outline the basic structure of Organizational Management Outline the integration between OM and other components Set up a multiple reporting structure using a matrix organization Process...
  • SAP - Talent Hybrid Overview Part I: Overview and Basic Settings (Course)

    Course Code: HRH01e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Recall the integration deployment models that can be used to integrate SAP ERP HCM with SuccessFactors and then recall the advantages for each deployment model. Explain what is included...
  • SAP - Talent Hybrid Overview Part II: Add on and System Requirements (Course)

    Course Code: HRH02e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Recall the minimum product and software component versions that are needed for the Talent Hybrid add-on for SAP ERPHCM and SuccessFactors. Recall where to access more information about...
  • SAP - Talent Hybrid Configure SAP PI Integration (Course)

    Course Code: HRH50e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Explain what SAP PI is. Describe the business benefits of SAP PI. Recall the SAP PI setup pre-requisites. Install Integration Pack in SAP PI. Set up the connectivity between SAP ERP and...
  • SAP - Business Processes in SAP ERP HCM (Course)

    Course Code: HR050-v015
    Skills Gained You will gain an understanding of SAP ERP Human Capital Management functionality and be able to outline the major functional areas. You will be able to explain HCM Structures including...
  • SAP - Employee Central Full Cloud Overview (Course)

    Course Code: HRH03e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Recall the 3 Cloud Deployment Models Explain what is included with the Full Cloud integration from on- premise SAP ERP HCM to cloud-based SuccessFactors Talent Solutions. Describe the...
  • SAP - Talent Hybrid Integration Extending the Integration (Course)

    Course Code: HRH80e-E-v043
    Skills Gained Add custom BADI logic to the Talent Hybrid Integration. Add custom fields to the Talent Hybrid Integration structure    -Recall the steps in NetWeaver PI to add custom...