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SAP Product Development and Manufacturing Training Courses

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  • SAP - Computerized KANBAN (Material Replenishment) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM350-v096
    Skills Gained In this course, participants learn how to apply KANBAN techniques Participants become familiar with prerequisites and background of lean concepts They learn how to implement the KANBAN...
  • SAP - Production Planning in ERP for Functional Consultant (Course)

    Course Code: SCM241-v098
    Skills Gained Gain detailed working knowledge of:    -Demand Management (DM)    -Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)    -Master Production Scheduling...
  • SAP - Consumption-Based Planning and Forecasting (Course)

    Course Code: SCM525-v015
    Skills Gained Explain the materials planning process in Materials Management Use the different consumption-based MRP procedures Describe the forecasting technique and its function" Who Can Benefit...
  • SAP - Materials Management Certification Prep (Course)

    Course Code: WNAMMA-v010
    Skills Gained To help prepare you for the Procurement Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project Team Members...
  • SAP - Production Planning in ERP (Course)

    Course Code: SCM240-v015
    Skills Gained In this course you learn to understand, to configure, and to apply the concepts of demand management and material requirements planning for non-configurable materials that are provided...
  • SAP ERP Planning and Manufacturing Overview (Course)

    Course Code: SCM130-v015
    Skills Gained Provide an overview of the fundamental concepts and procedures of production planning within SAP ERP. Gain an overview of the manufacturing methods supported by ERP. Who Can Benefit...
  • SAP - PLM Certification Prep Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPMA-v010
    Skills Gained To help prepare you for the PLM Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project Team Members Prerequisites...
  • SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII) – Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: SCM380-v010
    Skills Gained This Course will prepare you to:    -Gain a conceptual understanding of the features, functions, and options of SAP MII 15.1, so that you can successfully design and...
  • SAP ERP Planning/Manufacturing II - Academy (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM42-v015
    Skills Gained Utilize and describe basic functions for managing production orders (PP-SFC), repetitive manufacturing (PP-REM), process orders (PP-PI), KANBAN (PP-KAN), and capacity requirements...
  • SAP ERP Planning/Manufacturing I - Academy (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM40-v015
    Skills Gained Apply and configure master data in the area of planning and manufacturing Use and describe applications for production planning Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process...
  • SAP - Execution Steps (XSteps) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM372-v095
    Skills Gained As a main point of the training course the participants will attain the ability to maintain Execution Steps for process orders and production orders to generate interactive PI sheets and...