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SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Training Courses

With the SAP Supplier Relationship Management solution, you are well positioned to improve your procurement process and streamline the purchase of goods and services. But are you and your team well versed in the use of the solution? If you're looking for Certified SAP Supplier Relationship Management training, look no further. Take a look at the list of courses below to find the one that meets your needs.
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  • SAP EHS Management – Dangerous Goods professional (DG professional) (Course)

    Course Code: SUS385-v096
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to have an overview of system settings within the SAP EHS Management Specification Database for Dangerous Goods Management and to understand relevant...
  • SAP EHS Management - WWI Layout (WWI) (Course)

    Course Code: SUS350-v096
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to create a report template using the tool WWI and to become familiar with the available WWI objects. Who Can Benefit IT experts, product safety experts,...
  • SAP EHS Management - Product Safety (PS) (Course)

    Course Code: SUS360-v096
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to understand the complete product safety process using a chemical product as an example. This process starts on material data, proceeding with the...
  • SAP EHS Management – Dangerous Goods (DG) (Course)

    Course Code: SUS380-v096
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to have an overview of Dangerous Goods Management within SAP EHS Management. Steps to design and maintain Dangerous Goods Data will be covered as well as the...
  • SAP Procurement Catalog (Course)

    Course Code: SRM270-v098
    Skills Gained This course will prepare in the areas of:    -SAP Procurement Catalog Solution Overview and Architecture    -MDM Console    -MDM Import...
  • SAP Supplier Self-Services (SUS) (Course)

    Course Code: SRM215-v095
    Skills Gained Create technical and application-specific basic knowledge to be able to participate successfully in an SAP Supplier Self Service implementation. Understand the necessary landscape and...
  • Overview of the SAP SRM solution (Course)

    Course Code: SAPSRM-v010
    Skills Gained Learn the business processes and components of the SAP SRM solution. Who Can Benefit Consultants and project team members who are implementing the SAP Supplier Relationship Management...
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