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SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) Training Courses

Get your Certified Supply Chain Management training from ExitCertified. There are dozens of courses covering topics like Order Fulfillment training, Planning and Execution training, Procurement training. Review the entire list below to find a course that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or need help finding the right course for you, don't hesitate to contact us now.
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  • SAP - Basic Customizing in SAP EWM (Course)

    Course Code: EWM110-v016
    Skills Gained Configure and use major features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Program / Project Manager System Architect Prerequisites Essential:...
  • SAP - Labor Management in SAP EWM (Course)

    Course Code: EWM125-v016
    Skills Gained Configure and use labor management in SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Plan labor times and resources in your warehouse more effectively Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Program...
  • SAP - Quality Management in SAP EWM (Course)

    Course Code: EWM140-v016
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Describe the process of QM within SAP EWM, including how it integrates with the Quality Inspection Engine.    -Define...
  • SAP - Order Fulfillment II (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM62-v015
    Skills Gained Implement functions and make Customizing settings in pricing and billing. Use functions and Customizing settings in general sales and distribution processes such as output and text...
  • SAP - SAP Manufacturing Plant Connectivity (PCo) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM385-v096
    Skills Gained Understand the features and use cases for SAP PCo Understand the business processes of SAP PCo Connect to data sources Connect to destination systems Configure and run PCo agents in...
  • SAP - SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Course)

    Course Code: SCM390-v016
    Skills Gained Understand the features and business processes of SAP OEE Set-up OEE related master data in SAP ERP Understand the OEE implementation and integration steps in SAP ERP and SAP MII...
  • SAP - Advanced SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM381-v010
    Skills Gained This Course will prepare you to:    -Explain SAP Plant Connectivity    -Explain Remote Plant Connectivity Integration    -Utilize KPI frame...
  • SAP - SAP IBP – Advanced Configuration (Course)

    Course Code: IBP300-v015
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Configure more advanced features and functions of the SAP IBP solution Who Can Benefit IBP Application Consultants Business Process...
  • SAP - SAP ERP – Order Fulfillment eAcademy (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM6e-E-v015
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Execute the main business procedures involved in sales and distribution processing.    -Implement the functions and...
  • SAP - SAP Internet of Things (IoT) for Industrial Operations - Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: SCM700-v010
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Learn what Internet of Things (IoT) is and understand its business benefits.    -Learn the context of IoT along the...
  • SAP - Planning/Manufacturing I (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM40-v010
    Skills Gained Apply and communicate master data in the area of planning and manufacturing Use and describe applications for production planning Who Can Benefit This course is aimed at consultants...
  • SAP - Planning/Manufacturing II (Course)

    Course Code: TSCM42-v010
    Skills Gained Utilize and describe basic functions for managing production orders (PP-SFC), repetitive manufacturing (PP-REM), process orders (PP-PI), KANBAN (PP-KAN), and capacity requirements...
  • SAP - Demand Planning (APO DP) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM220-v098
    Skills Gained You will gain an in-depth understanding of how demand plans with SAP APO are created based on historical data. You will learn how to create demand plans using various forecasting...
  • SAP - Repetitive Manufacturing (Course)

    Course Code: SCM320-v098
    Skills Gained In this course, participants become familiar with repetitive manufacturing Participants will learn how to use functionalities from repetitive manufacturing (REM) to map lean processes...
  • SAP - Capacity Evaluation & Leveling in ECC (Course)

    Course Code: SCM365-v098
    Skills Gained The participants will gain a detailed knowledge of the transactions and functionality surrounding and supporting capacity planning in ECC. This will include reports relevant to capacity...