Data Modeling with PowerDesigner 15

Course Details
Code: DE353e-E-v095
Tuition (USD): $2,882.00 • Self Paced
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Suggested Audience

Skills Gained

  • Create and manage conceptual data models
  • Generate and manage physical data models
  • Generate database creation scripts
  • Produce implementation details, such as triggers, procedures, and views
  • Reverse engineer an existing database to create physical, conceptual, and object-oriented models
  • Compare and merge models
  • Synchronize physical data models with databases
  • Manage large models and multiple designers using MetaWorks
  • Create effective reports on you PowerDesigner models

Who Can Benefit

  • This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing relational databases, including: Data analysts, Data modelers, Database administrators, Systems analysts, Application Developers with data modeling responsibilities


  • Essential:
       -Understanding of relational database concepts and database implementation issues, Exposure to entity relationship (ER) data modeling and data normalization.

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to data modeling with PowerDesigner
  • Using the PowerDesigner modeling environment
  • Creating and managing a conceptual data model
  • Defining business rules
  • Creating data items, entities, and entity attributes
  • Creating and defining relationships
  • Defining and using domains and inheritance
  • Generating a physical data model
  • Transforming CDM objects to PDM objects
  • Customizing the physical data model
  • Creating views, alternate keys, and indexes
  • Creating the database script
  • Protecting data through triggers, procedures, views, and business rule
  • Reverse engineering databases
  • Model management techniques
  • Links to Requirements models
  • Physical data model synchronization
  • Working with packages and diagrams
  • Working with the Enterprise Repository
  • Creating reports