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SAS training and certifications are some of the most globally renowned software credentials. SAS is a leader in Business Analytics software and the largest independent Business Intelligence software vendor. SAS helps people in all lines of business gain insight and deliver better business decisions. Used for years by statisticians and data scientists alike, SAS also provides solutions for big data management, analytics and risk & fraud. Get your SAS training through ExitCertified. We offer authorized courses on SAS programming, data management, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, business intelligence and SAS visual analytics platforms.

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Advanced Analytics Training

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Profit-Driven Business Analytics (BPDBA)
  • Leading with Analytics (BANAM)
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Discrete and Continuous Responses (LONG42)

Administration Training

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • SAS(R) Compliance Solutions 7.1: Introduction to Administration (CSAD71)
  • SAS(R) Platform Administration: Metadata Administration (SPAMM4)
  • SAS(R) Viya(R) Administration Essentials (SAVI34)
  • SAS(R) Grid Manager Administration (PCDM5)
  • Workload Orchestrator Administration for SAS(R) Grid (SGAM6)
Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Getting the Most Out of Testing in Direct/Internet Marketing (BAGC)
  • Warranty and Service Contract Management: Best Practices (BGWSCA)
  • Warranty Maturity Model Assessment (BWMMA)
  • SAS(R) IT Resource Management: Administration and Reporting (ITRM34)
  • Using SAS(R) Inventory Optimization Workbench 5.2 (SCIO52)
  • SAS(R) Drug Development API (SDDAPI)
  • Using SAS(R) Markdown Optimization (SMIMD524)
  • Solution Orientation for SAS(R) Markdown Optimization (SMIPMD52)
  • SAS(R) Real-Time Decision Manager: Overview (CIRT6O)
  • Communicating Technical Findings with a Non-Technical Audience (BCOMTF)
  • SAS(R) Visual Scenario Designer 6.3M1: Getting Started (VSDM1S)
  • Feature Engineering and Data Preparation for Analytics (DMDP41)
  • Self-Service Data Preparation in SAS(R) Viya(R) (DIDP22)
  • SAS/GRAPH(R): Essentials (GR94)
  • SAS(R) Model Implementation Platform: Solution Overview (RMIP31)
  • SAS(R) Visual Investigator: Building the Interface (VIB104)
  • SAS(R) Visual Analytics 1 for SAS(R) Viya(R): Basics (YVA183)
  • SAS(R) Visual Analytics 2 for SAS(R) Viya(R): Advanced (YVA283)
  • Strategic Planning and Decision-Making: Powered by SAS(R) (BPDM)
  • SAS® Compliance Solutions: Overview (CSO714)
  • Deep Learning Using SAS(R) Software (DLUS34)
  • Design of Experiments for Direct Marketing (DOEF42)
  • SAS(R) Viya(R) and Python Integration for Machine Learning (POSI34)
  • SAS® Viya® and R Integration for Machine Learning (ROSI34)
  • Administering SAS(R) Intelligence and Investigation Management (IIMA12)
  • Neural Networks: Essentials (INTN34)
  • SAS(R) Regulatory Content for IFRS 17: Solution Overview (R17O11)
  • Feature Engineering and Data Preparation for Analytics (DMDP42)
  • Data Preparation on the SAS(R) Viya(R) Open Analytic Platform (DIDMPV)
  • Credit Scorecard Development and Implementation (CSDI7)
  • SAS(R) Environment Manager: Essentials (SPAXM4)
  • SAS(R) Academy for Data Science: Big Data (SADS1)
  • SAS(R) Academy for Data Science: Advanced Analytics (SADS2)
  • SAS(R) Academy for Data Science: Data Science (SADS3)
  • SAS(R) Business Rules Manager Usage (BRMU32)
  • SAS(R) Asset Performance Analytics: An Industrial Application of the Internet of Things (APIT62)