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SAS(R) Demand-Driven Forecasting: Using the Solution

Course Details
Code: FAW
Tuition (USD): $1,300.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This course teaches forecasters and planners how to use SAS Forecast Analyst Workbench to predict product demand by using complex statistical models, develop a forecast consensus across the organization, and aggregate selected forecasts in the SAS Supply Chain Intelligence Center.

Skills Gained

  • explore and analyze historical demand
  • forecast product demand by applying advanced statistical models
  • integrate plans with SAS Forecast Studio to create new models and add events to the forecasting process
  • develop a forecast consensus
  • integrate plans in SAS Supply Chain Intelligence Center for easy access by executive management.

Who Can Benefit

  • Forecasters and business planners who have the responsibility to develop consensus forecasts in conjunction with the sales and operations planning process


  • Before taking this course, it is beneficial to have knowledge of forecasting and demand planning processes.

Course Details

Introduction to SAS Demand-Driven Forecasting

  • stating the benefits of using SAS Demand-Driven Forecasting
  • giving examples of the results produced from the solution
  • describing the business scenario at a high level
  • navigating workspaces
  • accessing online help
  • modifying preferences

Forecasting Plans

  • understanding the components of the Forecast Plans workspace
  • managing existing forecast plans
  • creating a new forecast plan
  • editing a forecast plan

Advanced Forecast Modeling

  • diagnosing plans
  • integrating with SAS Forecast Studio
  • managing plans

Scenario Analysis

  • understanding the requirements necessary to perform a scenario analysis
  • shaping demand by running various what-if scenarios
  • exploring the Scenario Analysis interface
  • using the Scenario Analysis interface to perform various what-if scenarios on a specific plan

New Product Forecasting

  • defining new product workflow within Forecast Analyst Workbench
  • exploring the New Products workspace
  • creating a new product forecast
  • assigning a new product forecast to a plan

Generating a Consensus

  • describing the consensus process
  • identifying the interfaces and products used to perform consensus planning
  • overriding forecasted values based on consensus
  • completing the consensus process and loading consensus values into the Forecast Analyst Workbench
  • initiating the consensus process for a new cycle
  • completing consensus workflow for a new cycle

SAS Suply Chain Intelligence Center

  • displaying and viewing content from supply chain reports
  • alerting stakeholders when thresholds are reached
  • quickly viewing key performance indicators within the supply chain
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