Producing Maps with SAS/GRAPH(R)

Course Details
Code: GMAP
Tuition (USD): $1,300.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,178.84 • Classroom (2 days)

This course teaches you to use SAS/GRAPH software to produce various types of maps to display geographically based data. In addition, you learn how to add annotations to maps, and create and modify map data sets.

Skills Gained

  • use the GMAP procedure to create choropleth, prism, block, and surface maps that display data based on geographic entities
  • add annotation (lines, symbols, text, images) to your maps
  • create your own map data sets from scratch or by importing coordinates from other vendors
  • use SAS/GRAPH software to project map coordinates, remove internal boundaries, and generate map coordinates for street addresses.

Who Can Benefit

  • SAS users who must generate maps using SAS/GRAPH program code


  • Before attending this course, you should have taken the SAS(R) Programming I: Essentials and the SAS(R) Color Graphics courses or have equivalent experience. You should be able to create basic plots and charts with SAS/GRAPH and have some familiarity with the following:
  • the Output Delivery System (ODS)
  • the AXIS statement, LEGEND statement, or both
  • the Annotate facility.

Course Details


  • course logistics
  • course specifics
  • overview of mapping with SAS/GRAPH

Map Data Sets and Simple Choropleth Maps

  • how SAS/GRAPH maps work
  • map and response data sets
  • using the GMAP procedure
  • selecting which areas to include in your map
  • additional map data sets provided with SAS
  • creating maps with multiple identifier variables
  • identifier variables for international maps (self-study)
  • creating non-geographic maps
  • additional map data set resources

Controlling the Appearance of Maps

  • general appearance options
  • controlling response data ranges and categories
  • using styles to control colors
  • creating your own style templates (self-study)
  • using PATTERN statements (self-study)
  • controlling the appearance and location of legends
  • displaying map boundaries only

Block, Prism, and Surface Maps

  • introduction
  • block maps
  • prism maps (self-study)
  • surface maps (self-study)

Projecting Maps

  • introduction to projection
  • using PROC GPROJECT to project map coordinates
  • using PROC GPROJECT to clip the map area (self-study)

Removing Internal Boundaries and Simplifying Map Outlines

  • using PROC GREMOVE to remove internal map boundaries
  • using PROC GREDUCE to simplify map outlines

Importing Maps

  • introduction to ESRI shapefiles

Annotating Maps

  • introduction to annotation
  • annotating projected maps
  • annotating unprojected maps
  • additional map annotation examples (self-study)

The GEOCODE and GINSIDE Procedures

  • using PROC GEOCODE

Creating Drill-Down Maps

  • introduction
  • creating drill-down maps
  • adding data tips to maps