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Promoting Business Analytics across the Enterprise

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $825.00 • Classroom (1 day)

Many organizations are embracing the use of analytics to support their business priorities and objectives, and are implementing initiatives and programs to deploy business analytics across the enterprise. For these initiatives to succeed, organizations need to understand the key drivers that will facilitate the promotion and deployment of business analytics across the enterprise. This seminar will provide an overview of these key organizational drivers and dimensions, and will explore how they should be aligned to support the organization's priorities. This seminar will also discuss the role and function for enterprise Business Analytics Centers of Excellence and their types and mandates. The seminar will provide a guideline for assessing your organization maturity, and for establishing a roadmap for an Enterprise Business Analytics Center of Excellence at your organization.

Skills Gained

  • identify the key organizational dimensions and drivers
  • align the interaction of organizational dimension to enhance the maturity of your organization
  • assess organizational maturity
  • identify the role and benefits of a Business Analytics Center of Excellence (BA CoE)
  • define the types and functions of Enterprise Business Analytics Centers of Excellence
  • determine required resources, skills, and funding model for your CoE
  • promote Business Analytics across the enterprise
  • develop a roadmap to establish and evolve your Business Analytics CoE
  • understand and apply best practices and expert opinion.

Who Can Benefit

  • Those who are responsible for promoting and deploying Business Analytics across the enterprise, leading Analytics and Business Analytics in their business units or across the enterprise, information management strategy and effectiveness, aligning technical efforts with organizational business priorities and objectives


  • Before attending this course, you should have a high-level understanding of the components of BI and analytics environments. Some exposure to BI and analytics concepts is helpful.

Course Details


  • objectives
  • business analytics
  • how to benefit from business analytics
  • why we need Business Analytics Centers of Excellence
  • definition and types of Centers of Excellence
  • benefits of Business Analytics Center of Excellence
  • BA CoE functions and structure
  • BA CoE funding models, resources, and influence


  • introduction
  • perspectives
  • SAS Business Analytics Centers of Excellence program


  • introduction
  • review enterprise information framework
  • enterprise Business Analytics strategy
  • measuring the success of BA CoE
  • get-started roadmap
  • SAS approach
  • BA CoE best practices
  • case studies
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