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Enterprise Scheduling with Platform Suite for SAS

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $800.00 • Classroom (1 day)

This course covers how to design job flows and schedule SAS jobs using the Platform Suite for SAS. The scheduled processes that are covered in this course include only user-written SAS code and SAS Data Integration Studio jobs. However, the concepts and techniques are applicable to SAS Web Report Studio reports, SAS Marketing Automation jobs, and SAS Marketing Optimization jobs as well.

The scheduling techniques covered in this course can be used in either a single-machine SAS server environment or in a SAS Grid environment. However, this course does not address SAS Grid topics apart from the scheduling component specifically. Grid topics are covered in the course SAS(R) Grid Manager 9.2 Administration

Skills Gained

  • combine multiple related SAS programs and other SAS jobs into a job flow
  • define the order in which the jobs in the job flow execute
  • specify that a job execute or not depending on the status of an earlier job in the flow
  • trigger a job flow to start based on dates and times or based on the existence or age of a file
  • define time or file conditions controlling when (or whether) individual jobs within a job flow execute
  • monitor job flow status, access job logs, and perform other management operations for scheduled job flows.

Who Can Benefit

  • SAS programmers and SAS administrators who are responsible for designing and scheduling flows that consist of one or more SAS jobs, which can include any or all of the following: user-written SAS code, SAS Data Integration Studio jobs, SAS Web Report Studio reports, SAS Marketing Automation jobs, or SAS Marketing Optimization jobs


  • Before attending this class, you should be familiar with the functionality and components of the SAS products that create the processes that you want to schedule.

Course Details


  • capabilities and benefits
  • technical framework
  • overview of the job flow scheduling process

Creating and Maintaining Flows

  • introduction
  • creating a flow with job dependencies
  • adding file and time triggers
  • adding file and time dependencies

Appendix: Configuring a Process Manager Variable

Appendix: Flow Properties

Appendix: Job Properties, Resource Dependencies, and Queues

Appendix: Subflows

Appendix: Calendar Editor

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