SAS(R) Model Risk Management: Workshop

Course Details
Code: RMRU72
Tuition (USD): $1,950.00 • Classroom (3 days)

This course introduces SAS Model Risk Management 7.2 and managing the model life cycle.

Skills Gained

  • create a model and develop it through the life cycle process
  • take the model through the process of model validation
  • create model reviews
  • create findings and subsequent action plans
  • create detailed model risk assessments
  • create model inventory attestation
  • use the software to document models for internal procedures and model governance
  • create and use model correspondence
  • use the dashboard reporting interface
  • navigate the process workflow.

Who Can Benefit

  • Anyone who works with decision models and related risks using SAS Model Risk Management


  • Before taking this course, you should have knowledge of decision models built for financial institutions. It is helpful but not required to have knowledge of regulatory and compliance guidelines for these models.

Course Details

SAS Model Risk Management: Introduction

  • introduction to SAS Model Risk Management

SAS Model Risk Management Architecture

  • architecture
  • what's new

Model Inventory and Reviews

  • model inventory
  • model reviews

Model Risk Assessments

  • model risk assessments

Findings and Action Plans

  • findings and action plans

SAS Model Risk Management: Dashboard

  • viewing the dashboard
  • using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office to Import Dashboard Reports

Model Data Sources

  • model data source management

Integrating SAS Model Risk Management with SAS Model Implementation Platform

  • exporting models to SAS Model Implementation Platform
  • importing and exporting SAS Model Implementation Platform modeling systems

Exporting Attachments and Using Global Search

  • exporting attachments
  • using global search


  • SAS Support: additional information