Get more from your training budget with a Flex Account

Training is important. In fact, it’s so important; you’ll want to get as much of it as your company can afford. That’s why you’ll want to think about an ExitCertified Flex Account.With a Flex Account, you buy the year’s training in advance at pre-discounted prices. You’re then free to allocate courses as needed throughout your organization. And because each course costs you less, you’ll be getting more training from each year’s budget, with fewer worries about unused training dollars.

Eliminate administrative headaches

With standard training accounts, someone in your organization gets stuck with the hassles of managing multiple students, vendors, purchase orders and payments. With a Flex Account, all of that is simplified through one centralized account, with just one invoice.

Let us help you plan your year

Planning an entire year’s training might seem overwhelming. But with ExitCertified, you won’t have to figure it out on your own. A dedicated Education Consultant will work with you to help you anticipate where your training needs will be the greatest. From there, we’ll create a custom learning plan that maximizes your training dollars while delivering training in the format you want, whether it’s instructor-led in a classroom, virtual, iMVP® or via boot camps held at your place of business. Then, with just one purchase order, you’ll have access to a full year of ExitCertified training, with your Education Consultant always there to help manage your courses and students.

Why Choose ExitCertified

When you choose ExitCertified, you’ll never have to look anywhere else. We are a recognized training provider for dozens of leading brands. Your course content is certified, and it comes directly from the creators of the products you rely on.

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Why choose ExitCertified for your IT Training?

  • Get one contact for all your IT training.
  • Choose from more than 9,500 courses.
  • Get free support after your course is done.
  • Learn from award-winning, certified instructors.
  • Rely on our uncompromising Quality Measurement.
  • Take any class, anywhere, any time.
  • Learn from a Fortune 100 company.