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Working with Selenium| Selenium Web Testing

Course Details
Code: TT3610
Tuition (USD): $1,995.00 • Classroom (3 days)
$1,995.00 • Virtual (3 days)

This course introduces the student to the concepts and techniques of testing Web Application with the Selenium and Java. This hands-on class focuses on practical skills and best practices to ensure the student learns the ins and outs of Web Application testing with Selenium and Java.

Skills Gained

  • Understand web page testing needs and how Selenium meets those needs
  • Analyze a web application from a functional and testing perspective
  • Design, code, and run manual tests using the Selenium IDE
  • Use Selenium constructs to locate elements on a web page
  • Work with Selenium commands (Selenese) for working with tests
  • Test web page forms and the elements in those forms
  • Use test suites to organize and manage tests
  • Review Java constructs needed to by testers in working with WebDriver
  • Design code and run Selenium test using the Java WebDriver API
  • Focus on Best Practices for Selenium testing using both the Selenium IDE and the Java WebDriver API

Who Can Benefit

Experienced Web Developers or Test Engineers

Course Details

Session: Selenium Basics

  • Lesson: Introduction to Selenium
  • Lesson: Using the Selenium IDE (S-IDE)

Session: Testing with the Selenium IDE (S-IDE)

  • Lesson: Creating and Running a Manual S-IDE Test
  • Lesson: S-IDE Locators
  • Lesson: S-IDE Selenese
  • Lesson: S-IDE Forms
  • Lesson: S-IDE Test Suites
  • Lesson: Exporting S-IDE Manual Tests

Session: Testing with Java and WebDriver

  • Lesson: Java for Selenium Testers
  • Lesson: WebDriver Locators
  • Lesson: WebDriver Forms
  • Lesson: WebDriver Test Suites
  • Lesson: Selenium Best Practices
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