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Java 9 Programming for Object Oriented (OO) Experienced Developers

Course Details
Code: TT2100-J9
Tuition (USD): $2,595.00 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • Understand not only the fundamentals of the Java language, but also its importance, uses, strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the basics of the Java language and how it relates to OO programming and the Object Model
  • Learn to use Java exception handling features
  • Work with the Java 9 modular system (Project Jigsaw)
  • Understand and use classes, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Understand and use collections, generics, autoboxing, and enumerations
  • Process large amount of data using Lambda expressions and the Stream API
  • Use the JDBC API for database access
  • Take advantage of the Java tooling that is available with the programming environment being used in the class
  • Become familiar with the APIs used to access data and other resources
  • Understand the concepts of Object-to-Relational mapping frameworks using the Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Get an introduction to dependency injection using CDI
  • The Modular system (Project Jigsaw)
  • Private methods in interfaces

Who Can Benefit

This is an introductory- level Java course, designed for experienced developers who wish to get up and running with Java, or who need to reinforce sound Java coding practices, immediately. Attendees should have a working knowledge of developing OO software applications.


Students with little or no prior OO development experience should consider: TT2120-J9 Java 9 and OO Essentials for Developers New to OO or the TT2125-J8 Java 9 OnRamp program that includes live online pre-training Students who prefer a web development orientation: TT5140-J9 Java Web Essentials for OO Developers which combines basic Java and JEE web technical (Servlets/JSPs) content. Experienced C# or C++ developers might consider a faster-paced Java jumpstart with the TT2140-J9 Java 9 Essentials for C# or C++ Developers

Course Details

Session: Java: A First Look

  • Lesson: The Java Platform
  • Lesson: Using the JDK
  • Lesson: The Eclipse Paradigm

Session: Getting Started with Java

  • Lesson: Writing a Simple Class
  • Lesson: Adding Methods to the Class

Session: Essential Java Programming

  • Lesson: Language Statements
  • Lesson: Using Strings
  • Lesson: Specializing in a Subclass
  • Lesson: Fields and Variables
  • Lesson: Using Arrays
  • Lesson: Java Packages and Visibility

Session: Object Oriented Development

  • Lesson: Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Lesson: Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Session: Exception Handling

  • Lesson: Introduction to exception handling
  • Lesson: Exceptions

Session: Java Developer's Toolbox

  • Lesson: Utility Classes
  • Lesson: Formatting Strings

Session: Advanced Java Programming

  • Lesson: Introduction to Generics
  • Lesson: Lambda Expressions and Functional Interfaces

Session: Working with Collections

  • Lesson: The Collection API
  • Lesson: Using Collections

Session: Stream API

  • Lesson: Streams
  • Lesson: Collectors

Session: The Java Module system (Jigsaw)

  • Lesson: Introduction to the Module System

Session: Accessing Resources

  • Lesson: Java Data Access JDBC API
  • Lesson: Introduction to Annotations
  • Lesson: Overview of JPA
  • Lesson: Introduction to CDI
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