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Testing Mobile Web Applications

Course Details
Code: TTR4890
Tuition (USD): $1,995.00 • Classroom (3 days)

As software changes, so must our methods of testing that software. Because the world is now solidly in mobile web applications, our old methods of testing desktop/mainframe programs and even web sites is now outdated. This course is designed to correct that. In this fun and hands-on course, we will upgrade your testing knowledge to handle mobile-enabled web apps. We will learn which legacy techniques and tools can still be used for testing and what needs to be updated. We will introduce the architecture of the mobile web and will reinforce general software testing principles but we will focus on the tools and techniques that are unique to mobile web applications like Selenium, mobile device emulation, web security vulnerability testing, mobile usability testing, JavaScript unit testing and TDD. If your organization is already testing software but need to ratchet up your skills to handle the most modern ways of writing software, this is the course for you.

Skills Gained

  • Design and create automated UI tests to run your mobile app from a single button click
  • Design and create security penetration tests to ensure that hackers can't break into or take down your web applications
  • Integrate automated testing into your software development process
  • Identify which parts of your mobile app are usable (easy) and which are not
  • Test the backend RESTful services that power your web application
  • Organize, write and run unit test for both the front end JavaScript and backend services


This hands-on course is geared for software testers, their managers, and software developers who need to understand the testing process better as it applies to mobile web app applications.

Course Details

Course Topics Covered

  • Understanding of responsive web design, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, REST
  • Automated testing with Selenium
  • Browser developer tools
  • Emulating mobile devices on the laptop/desktop
  • What is a RESTful service and how they fit in your mobile web app
  • Testing RESTful services and the tools that allow it
  • Automatic regression testing with unit tests and TDD
  • Testing with multiple browsers and versions
  • Intro to mocking
  • Security testing tools
  • Fuzz testing
  • Usability and usability testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Exploratory Testing

Course Outline / Agenda

  • The architecture of mobile web apps – how they're unique
  • How mobile testing is different
  • Testing client-side components of a mobile app
  • Using the browser developer tools
  • Using Fiddler
  • Test plans for mobile apps
  • Test case design for mobile apps
  • Unit testing mobile apps
  • TDD
  • Using qUnit
  • Automated UI testing for mobile web apps
  • Using Selenium
  • Usability testing for mobile web apps
  • Testing server-side components of a mobile app
  • Static analysis for mobile web apps
  • Security testing mobile web apps
  • Penetration testing tools

Student Materials: What You’ll Receive

Our robust course materials include much more than a simple slideshow presentation handout. All students will receive a comprehensive textbook (Software Testing: A Guide to Testing Mobile Apps, Websites, and Games by Mark Garzone) as well as separate targeted handouts complete with detailed course notes, detailed lab manuals and workbooks, code samples, software tutorials, diagrams and current reference materials, all directly related to the course at hand. Step-by-step lab instructions, software tutorials and project descriptions are clearly illustrated and commented for maximum learning.

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