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  • Specialized - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Advanced Administration (Course)

    Course Code: SLE301
    The course SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Advanced Administration builds upon the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Administration course and teaches advanced system administration tasks on SLES 12....
  • Specialized - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration (Course)

    Course Code: SLE301V15
    The course SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration builds upon the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Administration course and teaches advanced system administration tasks on SLES 15....
  • Specialized - Git & GitHub Boot Camp (Course)

    Course Code: GITHUB-BOOTC
    In today's world, where people no longer need to be physically in the same room to complete projects, a powerful, distributed source control system is the solution. GitHub has made it easier for...
  • Specialized - ITIL Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: ITIL-FOUND
    Just as PMI has set the standards for Project Management around the world, ITIL® is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. This three-day course introduces the...
  • Specialized - Modern Web Development with NodeJS (Course)

    Course Code: TT4615
    Node.js is a server-side JavaScript platform using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model allowing users to build fast and scalable data-intensive applications running in real time. Modern Web...
  • Specialized - Working with Node.js (Course)

    Course Code: TT4613
    Who Can Benefit This is an intermediate skill level hands-on web programming class. Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of developing software applications, as well as basic...
  • Specialized - The Java Specialist Master Course (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-402
    During this 4-day course, you will study over 1000 slides of advanced Java topics. Each major section is followed by practical hands-on exercises to apply what you have learned. Even the most...
  • Specialized - Java Performance Tuning Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-401
    Don't waste time guessing at performance bottlenecks when our comprehensive four day workshop will teach you how to quickly and definitively find the root cause of your performance woes. The course...
  • Specialized - Fundamentals of Web Development (Course)

    Course Code: 1362
    In this course, you will learn the basics of building a website from scratch using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will learn about best practices, how to lay a...
  • Specialized - Java Concurrency (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-404
    During this 4-day course, you will learn how to write safe multi-threaded Java code that performs well on your hardware. You will learn techniques to ensure visibility of your fields, to build thread...
  • Specialized - JavaFX (Course)

    Course Code: JAVA-FX
    JavaFX is now the recommended toolkit for developing user interfaces in Java. This 3-day course is optimized to quickly give Developers an overview of the complete JavaFX API. You'll learn how to bind...
  • Specialized - Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-405
    If you answer "yes!" to any of the following questions, then this course is for you: Has your system ever caused some strange behaviors that you could not explain? This often happens at the worst...
  • Specialized - Design Pattern Course (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-403
    The Java Design Patterns Course is authored by Heinz Kabutz, the publisher of The Java Specialists' Newsletter, with contributions from one of the authors of the original "Gang-of-Four" Design...
  • Specialized - Selenium using Java and Cucumber (Course)

    Course Code: JAV-406
    This Selenium training, tailored to experienced developers and testers with substantial HTML and Java experience, teaches attendees how to automate testing of web application interfaces using Selenium...
  • Specialized - Advanced Python Programming (Course)

    Course Code: ADV-PYTHON-PRO
    Once students have mastered the basics of Python by taking Core Python or on their own, it's time to move on to applying Python to daily programming needs. This course picks up where Core Python...
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