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Containers Training Courses

Containers training has become important for IT organizations who want to stay on top of the latest trends in software development and deployment. Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry are just some of the technologies on which ExitCertified can provide container classes. From beginner Docker classes all the way to the most advanced service mesh technologies such as Istio, let ExitCertified guide you through the open source options available in containerization training.


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  • RX-M - Mesos Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-Mesos
    This intensive two day hands on course is designed to provide working developers, devops staff, sys admins and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to Apache Mesos. During...
  • RX-M - Linux Container Technology and Container Runtimes (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-L-CTNR
    This two day hands-on course is designed to give attendees a comprehensive introduction to Linux container technology and the key container runtime systems, containerd, rocket and runC/libcontainer....
  • RX-M - Cloud Native Container Networking and ACI (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-CNCN-ACI
    This intensive three day course takes attendees on a journey through the rapidly evolving Cloud Native space, with a detailed look at the powerful new networking technologies enabling this fundamental...
  • RX-M - OpenStack Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-OS-FND
    This course will give attendees a comprehensive introduction to the design and operation of cloud infrastructure using the Open Stack tool set. Engineers and technical staff working with existing...