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  • RX-M - Practical Machine Learning with Python (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-Python-ML
    Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence wherein computer programs learn new capabilities when exposed to data. This course teaches the basics of machine learning with practical hands on...
  • RX-M - Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark for Data Science (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-DS-HS
    Data science is an interdisciplinary field focused on developing insights from structured and unstructured data. Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark are some of the most important and most used tools in...
  • RX-M - Python + Data Science on AWS (Course)

    Course Code: RX-M-PDS-AWS
    DAY 1: PYTHON BOOTSTRAP FOR FINANCE This intensive one day hands on course is designed to provide technology and data science professionals with a rapid introduction to Python. This course covers the...