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Data Warehousing Training Courses

Data Warehousing has its roots in physical devices such as Oracle Exadata and IBM Netezza, but now find itself often in the cloud with offerings like Amazon Redshift, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Google BigQuery, and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. Through authorized training partnerships, ExitCertified can provide data warehouse training on any of these.


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  • Databricks - ETL Part 1 - Data Extraction (Course)

    Course Code: ETL1-DATA-SELF
    In this course data engineers access data where it lives and then apply data extraction best practices, including schemas, corrupt record handling, and parallelized code. By the end of this course,...
  • Databricks - ETL Part 2 - Transformations and Loads (Course)

    Course Code: ETL2-TRAN-SELF
    In this course data engineers apply data transformation and writing best practices such as user-defined functions, join optimizations, and parallel database writes. By the end of this course, you will...
  • Databricks - ETL Part 3 - Production (Course)

    Course Code: ETL3-PROD-SELF
    In this course data engineers optimize and automate Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) workloads using stream processing, job recovery strategies, and automation strategies like REST API integration. By...