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DevOps Training Courses

DevOps is a cultural shift, as well as a set of practices and tools that increase an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at a high velocity. ExitCertified can help with DevOps training from the business and organizational perspective, as well as the enabling technologies such as microservices training, container classes, and automation/configuration management training. If you're team is looking for Ansible training, Chef classes, or Puppet training, you've come to the right place.


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  • RX-M - Ansible (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-Ansible
    This hands-on course is designed to give IT, DevOps and other technology professionals a comprehensive introduction to Ansible. Through lecture and intensive lab work, attendees will gain a clear...
  • RX-M - Salt Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-Salt
    This class teaches a best practice approach to managing infrastructure using Salt configuration automation software. This course develops the skills required by system administrators who are...
  • RX-M - Mesos Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-Mesos
    This intensive two day hands on course is designed to provide working developers, devops staff, sys admins and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to Apache Mesos. During...
  • RX-M - Puppet Configuration Management for Developers (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-Puppet-CM
    This class teaches a best practice approach to managing infrastructure using Puppet IT automation software. This course covers a wide range of core skills required by system administrators and...
  • RX-M - DevOps (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-DevOps
    This course will introduce attendees how to the principles behind the DevOps movement and how to use them to design, construct, operate and maintain production automation systems. The course covers...
  • RX-M - Linux Container Technology and Container Runtimes (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-L-CTNR
    This two day hands-on course is designed to give attendees a comprehensive introduction to Linux container technology and the key container runtime systems, containerd, rocket and runC/libcontainer....
  • RX-M - Cloud Native Container Networking and ACI (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-CNCN-ACI
    This intensive three day course takes attendees on a journey through the rapidly evolving Cloud Native space, with a detailed look at the powerful new networking technologies enabling this fundamental...
  • RX-M - Cryptography in Cloud Native Systems (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-C-CNS
    This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principles and practices driving modern cryptography. Day one begins with a cryptography...
  • RX-M - IBM Cloud DevOps Essentials (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-BM-DOE
    This course introduces technology staff to the full featured set of DevOps slutions available on IBM Cloud. Day one covers DevOps and Agile methodology concepts, including build and test automation....
  • RX-M - OpenStack Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-OS-FND
    This course will give attendees a comprehensive introduction to the design and operation of cloud infrastructure using the Open Stack tool set. Engineers and technical staff working with existing...
  • RX-M - Ansible Networking Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-Ansible-Wkshp
    Learn to automate all things networking with Ansible products at our one-day, hands-on technical workshop. Join our technical experts from ExitCertified for a one-day, hands-on workshop. You'll get...
  • RX-M - CI with Jenkins (Course)

    Course Code: CN1-Jenkins
    Attendees will gain a clear understanding of Continuous Integration and its implementation with Jenkins. This course provides a hands-on approach to setting up and configuring a Jenkins server with...