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  • RX-M - OpenStack Foundation (Course)

    Course Code: CN2-OS-FND
    This course will give attendees a comprehensive introduction to the design and operation of cloud infrastructure using the Open Stack tool set. Engineers and technical staff working with existing...
  • IBM Bluemix DevOps Essentials (Course)

    Course Code: U5RXM35G
    This intensive three day hands on course provides technology staff with an intensive introduction to DevOps practices and tools on IBM Bluemix. This course introduces technology staff to the full...
  • Kubernetes Essentials for IBM Bluemix Container Service (Course)

    Course Code: U5RXM51G
    This course is designed to provide technology staff with a comprehensive overview of deployment and operations of Kubernetes on IBM Bluemix. This intensive two day hands on course is designed to...
  • CICD 1.0 - Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (Course)

    Course Code: CICD 1.0
    Module 1: Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Lesson 1: Understanding the Components of Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Lesson 2: Understanding the Characteristics of Cisco Unified...
  • Business Skills - Jenkins User Boot Camp (Course)

    Course Code: JENKINSBC
    The 21st-century software engineering practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) have rapidly come to define the best practices for software development, quality assurance,...
  • IBM - Enhancing Workload and Capacity Management with Docker on Power Systems (Course)

    Course Code: LX061G
    This course is designed to provide skills enablement for system administrators and product support specialists in the area of operating system based virtualization provided by Docker. Topics include...
  • IBM - Lab: Hello Docker!! (Course)

    Course Code: MC09022G-SPVC
    This IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC) includes: - PDF course guide available to attendee during and after course - Lab environment where students can work through demonstrations and exercises at...
  • Business Skills - Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment (Course)

    Course Code: 6035
    This course is intended to help clients with existing ITIL adoption that are also considering or are in early stages of adopting DevOps practices. Clients will understand the intersection of ITIL and...
  • CICD - Implementing Cisco Collaborative Devices (Course)

    Course Code: 1723
    This course includes Cisco Training Exclusives Accelerate your Cisco learning experience with complimentary access to the IT Skills Video On-Demand Library, Boson practice exams, Introduction to...
  • Specialized - Introduction to Using Puppet (Course)

    Course Code: 5887
    The configuration management and data center automation tool that streamlines every step of IT service delivery, Puppet allows you to provision physical and virtual machines, orchestrate configuration...
  • Docker Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: DOCKER-FUN
    The Docker Fundamentals training course features the foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node. The course offers learners the opportunity to assimilate basic...
  • Docker for Enterprise Developers (Course)

    Course Code: DOCKER-DEV
    As the follow-on to the Docker Fundamentals course, Docker for Enterprise Developers is a role-based course designed for an organization's Development and DevOps teams to accelerate their Docker...
  • Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Developers Bundle (Course)

    Course Code: DOCKER-FUN-DEV
    The Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Developers Bundle includes the full Docker for Enterprise Developers course as well as the prerequisite Docker Fundamentals course run back to back in a single...
  • Docker Security (Course)

    Course Code: DOCKER-SEC
    The Docker Security course is an advanced workshop style course designed to be inclusive of multiple roles: Developer, Operations, DevOps, or Architects. The course offers learners a hands-on overview...
  • Docker Troubleshooting and Support (Course)

    Course Code: DOCKER-TS
    The Docker Troubleshooting & Support course is a role-based course designed for an organization's support teams to troubleshoot the variety of issues that arise in their Docker journey. The...
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