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VMware Kubernetes Hands-on Workshop for Heptio

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $925.00 • Classroom (1 day)

This one-day course is the first step in learning about Containers and Kubernetes. Through a series of lecture and lab exercises, the fundamental concepts of Kubernetes will be discussed and put to practice by containerizing and deploying a two-tier application into Kubernetes.

Skills Gained

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Write basic Docker build files
  • Author YAML files and syntax
  • Understand Kubernetes from a user facing concept perspective (Pods, Services, Deployments, Labels)
  • Become familiar with kubectl and its commands/usage
  • Understand the architecture of Kubernetes (worker nodes, kubelet, control plane and its components)
  • Understand the control loops and asynchronous nature of the state machine of Kubernetes

Who Can Benefit

Anyone involved with using or building a Kubernetes cluster


  • Linux concepts and command line proficiency
  • General networking proficiency

Course Details

Product Alignment

  • Any Kubernetes Cluster


Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
  • Access the lab environment


  • Containers vs VMs
  • Benefits of Containers
  • Images
  • Registries

Kubernetes Concepts

  • Declarative vs Imperative
  • Pods
  • Services
  • Deployments

Kubernetes Architecture

  • Cluster Architecture
  • API Call Flow
  • Debugging 101
  • Networking

Application Management

  • Built-in Deployment Strategies
  • Other Strategies
  • Deployment management
  • ConfigMaps
  • Secrets

Persistent Volumes

  • Stateful Applications
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Persistent Volume Claims
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