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Organizational IT training and certification

Award-winning technology training from vendor-certified instructors

Your organization’s ability to adapt to a more digital, connected and data-driven future depends on the ability of your workforce to use new and emerging technologies effectively. ExitCertified can help you identify the right IT training and certification plan from a wide array of vendor-approved IT courses, all delivered by award-winning instructors. With ExitCertified, you can upgrade your organization’s skills and keep running at the speed of modern enterprise. 

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Organizational IT training
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End-to-end customer care

The level of care provided by ExitCertified is unparalleled in the industry. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end customer care to ensure that your organization receives the technology training and certifications you need for increased productivity and improved business outcomes—all with a single point of contact to simplify and speed delivery of organization-wide learning programs.

Our customer care starts with consultations with subject matter experts to identify the required training and develop a recommended training plan for in-class or online courses. This customer care continues throughout and beyond training delivery, with post-training support to confirm that learning objectives were met, and requirements fulfilled. ExitCertified also provides after-class resources to help students apply their learning to provide a clear return on your IT training investment.

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Let us help you identify your organization’s skills gaps

Not sure where to start? We offer the guidance of team of industry experts who will help you choose the learning programs that best align with your company’s strategic goals. Once you partner with us, our team assesses your organization’s skills to identify any knowledge gaps. From there, we’ll customize learning paths to support your strategic goals. With ExitCertified, you’ll never have to settle for off-the-shelf technology training and certification solutions.

Let us help you Identify Skills Gaps

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Your single source for cloud training

Cloud is a cornerstone of digital transformation, but a rapidly evolving cloud landscape requires your workforce to learn new skills to effectively drive business value. If you’re struggling with cloud transformation, your difficulties can probably be traced back to skills gaps within your teams. 

ExitCertified offers a wide range of courses from public cloud providers as well as courses on cloud-native technologies, such as microservices, containers and Kubernetes, allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. 

Whether you’ve chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, ExitCertified can deliver the vendor-approved training needed to bring increased agility and efficiency to your cloud-based enterprise. ExitCertified training goes beyond just the instruction. 

A team of industry experts works with you identify your teams’ skills gaps and plan a comprehensive training program that will help you reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and improve scalability.

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High-quality instructors make the difference

Award-winning ExitCertified instructors are subject matter experts and experienced teachers with real-world experience they use to help students with practical applications of class concepts. Our instructors continuously update their knowledge, staying at the forefront of technology advancements and IT training methodologies.

ExitCertified students report 96 percent satisfaction with instructor presentation and 97 percent satisfaction with instructor expertise. This is reflected in the fact that they typically complete training with industry-recognized knowledge that is immediately applicable in the real world to improve organizational outcomes.

ExitCertified has the highest number of professional-level AWS instructors in North America and has won training partner awards from AWS, ForgeRock, IBM, VMware, Red Hat, Veeam and Cloudera, demonstrating excellence in vendor-approved technology training delivery.

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Customer Enrollment Portal 

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Keeping track of IT training needs and progress for dozens of employees along with your overall training budget can be complex and time-consuming. The ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal provides you with centralized, easy management of course options with real-time insights into the impact of your IT training investment. You can monitor budgets and training performance and easily fine-tune individual learning plans for maximum results.  

The portal enables you to empower employees to browse and select relevant courses and create learning plans based on your organization’s chosen priorities. They can then register for pre-approved classes that align precisely with your organization's strategic goals. And if your organization has custom discounts, those will be reflected in the prices you see.

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Ensure your technology training and certification is ready for tomorrow

Right now, you can schedule a complimentary conversation with ExitCertified. We can discuss your IT training requirements and certification goals, explore the possibility of an organizational IT skills assessment and delve into specific courses you might be interested in. These focused calls include insights and guidance from several experienced industry experts, including success managers and subject matter experts.

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