IT Training and Certification ROI Calculator

The below calculator helps determine an estimated return-on-investment (ROI) from implementing technical training. This output is to be used as a guage, as there are several additional considerations from a training-enabled workforce.

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Other advantages of training include:


IT projects completed with adequate skills/training have an 80% success rate (whereas success for projects without adequate skills/training is 50%)


6X more support is needed for untrained users than for trained users


Without ongoing training, performance degrades by 25% over 4 years

*Statistics from IDC IT Training Certification Report

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Section One



Cost of training
Select the course(s)
    Number of students
    Cost per student
    Section Two

    Training Details

    Duration of training (hours)
    Section Three

    Return - Productivity

    Average total cost of employee
    per year
    Average total cost per hour
    Value from returned productivity
    Section Four

    Return - Staff Turnover Savings

    Average cost of recruitment & induction
    Average number of hours for training and onboarding of new employees
    Average cost of other training and onboarding period
    Impact on staff turnover as the proportion of all benefits
    Value of reduced staff turnover
    Section Five

    Summary Per Student

    Total Investment per student
    Total Return
    Student ROI -- %
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