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Docker Training Courses

Docker is the company behind the container that has revolutionized how organizations develop and manage IT solutions. As a Docker Authorized Training Partner (DATP), ExitCertified delivers Docker's own courses on development and operations. Start with Docker Fundamentals training, and then move on to more specialized training by job role. Continue learning with Docker Security training or experience a Docker Troubleshooting class. Our classes are instructor-led live, in-person or virtual with ExitCertified’s iMVP® environment - Individual Multimedia Video Presence - allowing you to attend from home or office.

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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Docker Fundamentals (DOCKER-FUN)
  • Docker for Enterprise Developers (DOCKER-DEV)
  • Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Developers Bundle (DOCKER-FUN-DEV)
  • Docker Security (DOCKER-SEC)
  • Docker Troubleshooting and Support (DOCKER-TS)
  • Docker Kubernetes Service (DOCKER-KS)
  • Docker for Enterprise Operations (DOCKER-OPS)
  • Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Operations Bundle (DOCKER-FUN-OPS)