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A Primer to DevOps

With companies like Etsy, Netflix, Facebook, Sony Pictures, and Amazon leading DevOps practices - DevOps is a great technological trend to talk about. The offspring of Agile development - DevOps, the latest tech trend in the software development process, has grown in popularity the last 10 years, becoming much more than an overused buzzword.

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Growing need to secure organizations with Cybersecurity expertise

Cybersecurity has become one of the most discussed topics across the world, in the boardrooms, at conferences, and in the news. Cyber-attacks like NotPetya, Mirai, Stuxnet, and WannaCry are pushing the significance of cybersecurity into the public eye. These attacks not only have an impact on the organization's reputation and finances but they also pose a threat of privacy to the livelihoods of an average person.

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VMware vSphere - Auto Unmap in VMFS 6

Using thin provisioned virtual disks is very common, but previously meant that vSphere admins had to remember to periodically run an unmap job manually to free up blocks that a VM had released. With VMFS 6, all that is automatic, but not instantaneous.

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