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The Importance of Keeping Government Data Safe in Cloud Storage

The Importance of Keeping Government Data Safe in Cloud Storage

Keeping data safe is of the utmost importance in our modern digital world. Continue reading to learn more about keeping government data safe in the cloud.

Alexandra DiFresca on September 15th 2021

Cloud: How to Stop Doing it Wrong

So what’s going wrong? You’ll find some powerful answers in the new ExitCertified whitepaper, “Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Journey.” The paper does a deep dive on the factors that separate the astonishing promise of the cloud from the reality that’s causing so much frustration.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 16th 2021

5 Reasons To Consider Multi-Cloud For Your Organization

A multi-cloud setup can be used to eliminate the dependence on any individual cloud provider. This article explains why a multi-cloud setup could be beneficial for your organization.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 10th 2021

Everything You Need to Know About VMware and the Hybrid Cloud

VMware’s hybrid cloud allows you to run, manage and connect all of your assets and apps on nearly any cloud environment. Why are many organizations struggling to make the switch?

Alexandra DiFresca on July 15th 2021

The Top 25 Highest-Paying IT Certifications in 2021

There’s never been a better time to build your credentials with IT certifications. These 25 highest-paying certifications can boost your salary and lead you to a better career in 2021.

Alexandra DiFresca on June 30th 2021

What is IAM? Identity and Access Management Explained

Are you curious as to how identity and access management can help your company? Here's your answer to the question what is IAM.

Matthew George
Matthew George on May 27th 2021

Keeping Government Data Safe in the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing is growing exponentially in governmental organizations around the world. And if you’re in a field that manages sensitive personal information, lapses in security will be difficult to explain or forgive. Learn to keep data safe in the cloud.

Anuradha Nandan on May 25th 2021

Getting the Right Cloud Training Is the Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Comprehensive training in cloud technology helps organizations and IT professionals be successful with digital transformation and cloud computing.

Alexandra DiFresca on May 25th 2021

35 Cloud Computing Facts You Need to Know

Want to learn more about the innovative world of cloud computing? If you do, click here to find out about some cool cloud computing facts.

Matthew George
Matthew George on May 5th 2021

Your Microsoft SATVs Are Expiring —Take Full Advantage and Act Now!

If your organization has purchased a Microsoft software volume licensing agreement then there's a good chance you qualify for free Microsoft training through the use of SATVs! Here's what you need to know about Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers and how you can take advantage of free learning opportunities.

greg lyon
Greg Lyon on February 26th 2021

ForgeRock is Modernizing IAM

ForgeRock is modernizing Identity Access Management (IAM) to help organizations protect against internal and external threats to their systems. Learn more in this blog post.

Rachel Gillis on January 28th 2021

Four Reasons to Find a Training Partner — Not Just a Training Provider

Here are just a handful of reasons a training partner is your best and ultimately most cost-effective choice. Read on to learn more.

Victor Torgrimson on January 28th 2021

Kubernetes Training Webinar Q&A: Running with the Application Essentials

These are the answers to the most asked questions we received from the audience in our webinar “Running with the Application Essentials”.

Michelle Yakura, Kubernetes | Mirantis Training Guest Author on January 22nd 2021

5 Tips for Going Cloud-Native and Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud Investment

https://www.exitcertified.com/training-resources/white-papers/accelerate-your-modernization-efforts-with-a-native-cloud-strategy-whitepaper. Here are 5 tips to transitioning into a cloud-native environment

myles brown
Myles Brown on January 14th 2021

Information Technology Trends and Predictions for 2021

In this article, we cover the top technologies targeted for IT in 2021, including work-from-home support, revenue and budget issues, top tech trends, and more.

Matthew George
Matthew George on November 16th 2020

What to Know About Getting Into Architecting on AWS

Here's your guide on how to start your career in Architecting on AWS.

Alexandra DiFresca on November 13th 2020

How to Build a Bright Career With a Microsoft Azure Certification

There are many benefits of Microsoft Azure certifications. This guide shows how to build a bright career with a Microsoft Azure certification.

greg lyon
Greg Lyon on October 20th 2020

A Cheat Sheet to Cloud Adoption for Small Businesses

If your company is new to cloud computing, this cheat sheet to cloud adoption for small businesses covers all the basics you need to know.

Matthew George
Matthew George on October 1st 2020

3 Major Cloud Roles to Give You Liftoff!

Are you looking for cloud roles you may want to try out? These are the most popular cloud roles you may want to explore today!

Anuradha Nandan on September 30th 2020

What Will Financial Services of the Future Look Like With Cloud?

With emerging technologies and evolving customer expectations, the future of banking is set to change. Learn about the future and trends of cloud banking here.

Alexandra DiFresca on September 22nd 2020

Your Quick Guide to Serverless Computing: Benefits, Challenges and Training Resources

Learn the benefits and challenges of serverless computing and see how training can help you build your career in the cloud.

Matthew George
Matthew George on September 14th 2020

Boost Your Career With Virtualization Certifications From Top Vendors

As traditional data centers rapidly give way to more agile, hybrid infrastructures built on virtualization, the need for IT professionals with virtualization skills is growing faster than ever. Today’s employers recognize how those with virtualization certifications can help to close their team’s skills gaps.

Matthew George
Matthew George on September 11th 2020

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index: Highlights and More

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index offers an exciting overview of the current state of affairs within the cloud computing industry. Click here to learn more.

Rachel Gillis on September 10th 2020

The AWS Courses to Take for a New Career

AWS training and certification courses help you gain the knowledge and skills required to be an invaluable member of an organization's IT department, and they provide a roadmap to becoming an AWS architecture or engineering lead. Ultimately, an AWS certification is the highlight your résumé needs to prove to hiring managers that you are proficient in cloud technology at a given level.

myles brown
Myles Brown on September 9th 2020

6 Tips to Pass Your Next AWS Certification Exam

As an IT professional, you’ll want to consider taking the AWS certification exam to help broaden your career prospects. Read about the 6 tips to help you pass you next AWS certification exam.

myles brown
Myles Brown on September 2nd 2020

What Is Kubernetes and How Will It Affect 5G on Cloud Infrastructure?

How will Kubernetes affect 5G as an application on cloud infrastructure? It certainly has a role to play, and the following guide will show you how.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 25th 2020

Technical IT Interviews 101: Interview Prep and Sample Questions

If you are ready to embark upon an exciting career in IT, you’ll first want to master the art of technical interviews, which are often considered to be more challenging than traditional job interviews. How can you prepare for the technical interview to increase your chances of landing the job? We've put together this guide with preparation tips and sample interview questions to help you get started.

Alexandra DiFresca on July 23rd 2020

The Top 15 Questions the Industry is Still Asking About Cloud Training

Find answers to the top questions still being asked about cloud technologies, training, certifications and trends.

myles brown
Myles Brown on July 20th 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs of 2021

Learn about the top 10 IT jobs of the future and the skills you need to advance your career.

Brian Carlson on May 26th 2020

The 3 Cloud Computing Service Delivery Models Explained

Learn how cloud computing services operate and the features of the three main cloud computing service delivery models.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 13th 2020

The 12 Most Difficult IT Jobs for Employers to Fill

With so many pathways to get into these 12 IT jobs employers are struggling to fill, it can be hard to know where to start. In many cases, there is a fair bit of overlap with other IT areas, so businesses would benefit from implementing in-house upskilling, reskilling and IT training programs for the staff they currently have. It all starts with the right training.

Matthew George
Matthew George on March 23rd 2020

How to Become a Cloud Architect

Learn about the exciting career of a cloud architect and how you can become certified through virtual or in-class training.

myles brown
Myles Brown on March 12th 2020

Top IT Cloud Skills for the U.S Federal Government

In this post, we outline the roles that the U.S. government requires to help fill the cloud skills gap and explain what two cloud roles will be in demand in the federal government.

Anuradha Nandan on March 10th 2020

Three Reasons to Run OpenShift on IBM Cloud

OpenShift on IBM Cloud was designed to assist enterprises with the early stages of cloud migration by establishing cloud-agnostic containerized software. It provides your developers with a platform they can use to containerize and deploy large workloads in Kubernetes with a tool ensuring both speed and reliability.

Mike McDonough Guest Author on December 11th 2019

The Top 30 Cloud Computing Words, Phrases, and Acronyms You Need to Know

Cloud Computing is a cornerstone topic in the IT industry with big players like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others providing cloud services offerings. These are the top 30 cloud computing terms you should be familiar with if you want to pursue a career in the cloud.

TD emblem logo
The ExitCertified Team on August 7th 2019

The Cloud Computing Market Share in 2021

The Gartner report provides extensive insight into the Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant criteria, selection process, and findings. We’ve summarized the top takeaways to help give you a bit of insight and simplify your search for the best cloud IaaS provider for your company.

TD emblem logo
The ExitCertified Team on July 29th 2019

The Top 5 Advantages of iMVP Virtual Training vs. Online Courses

ExitCertified offers exclusive remote-learning technology: iMVP. Today you can leverage a complete virtual experience with ExitCertified’s iMVP and get the full benefits of the classroom, no matter where you are.

Matthew George
Matthew George on July 24th 2019

It’s Not a Sprint – It’s a Marathon: Google Cloud Platform’s Long-Haul Strategy Emerges

For many years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has dominated the cloud computing space. More recently, Microsoft Azure has grown in size, offerings and popularity for cloud developers. But a “household name” contender is racing towards those top two positions—namely Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—and recent activities and investments are making headlines, further solidifying GCP as a cloud partner for all.

myles brown
Myles Brown on July 24th 2019

How to Fast Track your Career with Google Cloud Training & Certifications

As new features and tools are added to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regularly, it’s critical for developers to remain current on the latest GCP offering. GCP training and certification allows developers to boost their careers.

myles brown
Myles Brown on June 3rd 2019

The Benefits of Having a Multi-Cloud Strategy & Google Cloud as an Enabler

Multi-cloud environments offer companies many technology and business benefits. And, by using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), companies can easily manage multi-cloud topologies.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 30th 2019

Paul Jensen’s Observations from VeeamON 2019

This past week I have had the chance to both deliver the latest VMCE 9.5 Update 4 course as well as attend the VeeamON 2019 event.

I'll start first with some information on the updates to the training. Most noticeable as an instructor is the flow of the class, while it remains a three-day course the material has been arranged in a much more easily consumable format...

TD emblem logo
Paul Jensen on May 28th 2019

Why are Cloud Certifications Important?

Hands-on, instructor-led training for top cloud certifications gives employees and the companies they work for a clear competitive advantage in the cloud era.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 22nd 2019

What are Four Types of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing has become the “Gold” standard for enterprises to access IT infrastructure, hardware, and software resources. It offers a big shift to the way businesses think about IT resources.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 16th 2019

How to Become an AWS Certified Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is ranked as the #1 cloud certification for two consecutive years. It is the first level of AWS certification for beginners and professionals that tests a candidates knowledge in designing distributed applications. This certification includes an in-depth understanding of the deployment of AWS systems, AWS best practices, and several other topics.

myles brown
Myles Brown on March 14th 2019
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