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Whether you're an IT professional or business leader, expanding your AWS training and capabilities can be ground-breaking for your organization. Popular AWS training courses include cloud-based solutions, applications and other courses designed to expand your expertise. You can start with the AWS Technical Essentials course and then build skills by the role that best matches what you do, whether that's architecture, development or infrastructure. 

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Recommended AWS Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification and training is an essential consideration for anyone looking to harness the full potential of AWS, the leading cloud computing platform.  No matter where you are on your AWS learning journey, whether you're an IT professional or a business leader, AWS can help you access a vast array of cloud computing resources, from storage to databases and even artificial intelligence — all on-demand and without the need to manage any hardware. AWS has quickly gained market share to become the biggest public cloud vendor, leading the market in features and innovations. The lack of significant upfront costs and the pay-as-you-go model associated with learning AWS are very attractive to startups, and it didn’t take long for enterprise customers to take notice, too. Once the public sector learned of the solid security and compliance options available in AWS, it became clear that it was a great option to host any kind of workload for any type of organization. AWS can host compute, storage and networking, and has steadily added new services and features to make security, data analysis, machine learning, media streaming and just about any other kind of application development easier. Our instructors are certified and award-winning so you can trust you're getting the best instruction and experience either online or in-class. Not sure what to expect? When you enroll in any of our AWS training courses, you'll gain the skills to design, operate, and secure your infrastructure in the cloud. Additionally, you will add important credentials to your resume or close skills gaps, vital to proving your AWS capabilities. 

Enroll in AWS Training Courses to Learn the Leading Cloud Platform

Effective and accessible AWS training makes it possible for you and your team to get the most out of Amazon Web Services. Online AWS training courses give you access to virtual education where you can learn how to leverage the various aspects of AWS more efficiently. Training provided by reputable institutions like ExitCertified can make it easier than ever to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize AWS for business success at your organization.

AWS training from ExitCertified is both straightforward and comprehensive. Our learning path is a great place to start to determine what AWS courses you should take and how to get a certification. We offer online courses so you can take your training in our Live Virtual environment, giving you the flexibility to learn from any location at any time and get the most out of your schedule by training when it’s most convenient for you. The online learning environment is like being in a classroom. Enjoy collaboration and group discussions as you would face-to-face. We understand that it can seem daunting to start with a mature platform like AWS, especially when faced with the comprehensive list of over 150 services found on the AWS Management Console. But taking technical training can help you start to tackle this list in a way that is best for your job role and organization. Start with the AWS Technical Essentials course to understand the basic services, including EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail and Auto Scaling.

Next, you can move on to one of the AWS associate-level courses, like Architecting on AWS, Developing on AWS, or SysOps Administration on AWS. From there, consider completing a certification exam or taking more specialty courses and tackling an advanced certification. Taking authorized AWS courses from ExitCertified ensures that you participate in a high-quality lab environment and complete up-to-date courseware that is developed by the training and certification team at AWS.

AWS Training

The best AWS training consists of comprehensive learning experiences designed to equip you or your team with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Amazon Web Services. Whether you’re brand new to cloud computing or simply want to enhance your existing AWS expertise, you will likely find an AWS training course that meets your particular needs.AWS training typically includes hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to help you develop a deeper understanding of AWS services and their applications. Instructors who are AWS-certified professionals themselves will guide you through various concepts and best practices to help you grasp the intricacies of AWS architecture, security, and management.

AWS IT Training Courses

AWS Training for Businesses

There are also other AWS training options that cater to a diverse range of business needs. Your organization can choose from options like in-person training, virtual classrooms, or self-paced online courses, depending on your preferences and specific needs. 

  • In-person training allows participants to interact directly with instructors and fellow learners, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 
  • Virtual classrooms include the benefits of in-person training, while also offering the flexibility for participants to attend live sessions from anywhere.
  • Self-paced online AWS tutorials are another flexible option designed to accommodate learners' individual schedules as best as possible. Self-paced online courses provide access to recorded lectures, interactive labs, and practice exams that learners can complete at their own pace and revisit as needed.

AWS IT Training Courses

Awarded AWS Americas Training Partner of the Year

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  • We have learning solutions for everyone, whether you want to attain an AWS Certification or expand your learning and skills. View our AWS Learning Path to see where to get started.   

AWS Certification Paths 

AWS was named a Leader as an IaaS & PaaS provider in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant Cloud IaaS report.

Being AWS certified means that you have successfully demonstrated your proficiency in Amazon Web Services through a formal evaluation process. You can find a range of AWS certifications that validate different levels of skills, from foundational knowledge to specialized technical proficiency. Credible certifications like those from ExitCertified or Amazon’s own AWS training and certification program are widely recognized by employers in the information technology industry. 

The typical path to AWS certification is designed to help you progress from foundational knowledge to advanced expertise in AWS services as efficiently as possible. One of the initial certifications on this path is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which serves as an entry point for beginners. The foundational knowledge gained from this certification is essential for understanding the core concepts and terminology used throughout the AWS ecosystem, such as AWS global infrastructure, security, billing, and best practices. After you’ve become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you can then choose from a variety of AWS learning paths based on your interests and goals. For example, you could pursue the AWS Solution Architect - Associate certification path, which focuses on designing and deploying scalable and reliable AWS solutions. Alternatively, you could explore the AWS Certified Developer - Associate path to learn about developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. There are also paths for AWS Certified SysOps Administrators and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers - Professional that cater to the unique needs of careers in system administration and automation. These paths include in-depth training, hands-on exercises, and practical projects to help you reinforce your knowledge.

AWS Certification Benefits

Getting AWS certified is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, certification enhances your career prospects by making your skill set more marketable to potential employers. Many organizations value AWS-certified professionals highly, and possessing a certification can lead to increased job opportunities and potential salary advancements. Additionally, holding an up-to-date AWS certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and staying in-the-know about the latest AWS advancements.  Start validating your AWS Cloud expertise by downloading our training and certification guide.

Which AWS Certification Is Best for Developers? 

The best AWS certification for developers depends on their specific roles and career goals. If you’re interested in designing and deploying scalable solutions on AWS, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate may be the right starting point for you. On the other hand, if your role focuses on application development and maintenance, the AWS Certified Developer Associate is probably a better fit for you. 

No matter which courses are right for you, each different certification represents a unique opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and enhance your career prospects in the rapidly growing cloud computing industry.


Foundation certification is intended for individuals who demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.


Specialty certifications validate technical knowledge for AWS experts who also possess expertise in specific technical areas. They’re designed for individuals with at least one associate-level AWS Certification plus deep proficiency and real-world experience in an area of specialization.

Why Learn AWS?

Easy. It is the most relevant and most used cloud computing platform around.

If you are a professional in cloud computing or if you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of cloud computing to jump-start your career then the chances are that you will want to learn AWS. Whether you’re a developer, database admin, a system admin, an architect or a Big Data analyst, it is in your best interest to deepen your AWS knowledge and, the best way to start is to invest in AWS training.

How Do You Get Started With AWS Training?

AWS offers a rich ecosystem of storage, compute, automation and infrastructure technologies so, therefore, what learning path you take will be dependent upon the role you have in your company and your depth of knowledge. The great news about AWS training is that you can start without having to invest in highly specialized training from the start. You can ease into different levels of AWS training courses. If you have doubts on what area that you should be taking it’s worthwhile to check out the AWS learning path guide.

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AWS Certifications

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What AWS courses do I start with?

The majority of IT professionals who have not started learning AWS yet, start with the AWS Technical Essential Training Course. To find out the right entry course, we recommend you complete a skills assessment.

What locations offer AWS training and certifications?

At ExitCertified we have training locations across the United States and Canada. View a full list of classroom training locations. We offer training in a variety of delivery formats, select the most convenient option for you or your organization. 

How will improving my skills in AWS help my career?

Today cloud computing is no longer optional, but vital to the success of some of the biggest industries on earth. Therefore, obtaining AWS skills means you can open the doors to job opportunities with highly competitive pay scales.

Why should I take vendor-authorized training?

With ExitCertified, you will only receive vendor-certified training. Sometimes gray-market vendors are more interested in simply “teaching to the test,” and create a curriculum that is so focused on certification test preparation that they lose sight of the fact that training is also supposed to help people improve at their job. Find about more about the case for vendor-authorized instructor-led training.

Why choose ExitCertified for IT training and certifications?

ExitCerified is the AWS Americas Training Partner of the Year 2019 – and is consistently recognized by training partners for our quality training services. We meet the criteria for these awards through, superior customer service, and the meeting and exceeding of high training delivery standards.

APN Partners – Save on AWS Technical Training

As an APN Partner you may be eligible to receive AWS certification training at a fraction of the regular cost. The APN Partner Funding Program accelerates the pace at which partners can cost-effectively enable their teams with the technical knowledge to support AWS solutions. Partners can register individuals for public classes, or schedule private training for their professional services teams; all at discounted rates.

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IT Training Students preparing for AWS Exam

How ExitCertified Helps You Learn, Prepare and Practice for AWS Certification?

IT Training Students preparing for AWS Exam

  • Our classes are taught by accredited AWS technical instructors who come with real-world expertise
  • Dedicated AWS team to guide and to help you choose the right path.
  • Extensive class schedules. As an Amazon Training Partner, we only use official Amazon Web Services material.
  • AWS releases hundreds of new features and updates each year, we continuously evaluate and refresh course materials to reflect the latest AWS training courses and best practices.
  • Test and Practice your AWS learning through lab workshops.

We Offer Virtual AWS Training Courses

Classes are available just about anywhere you want to take them. Attend a course from one of our classrooms in North America or attend a live virtual class from home or office. With ExitCertified Live Virtual for AWS training, getting to class is simple.

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Most Guaranteed To Run AWS Classes In North America

AWS Students in GTR training course

ExitCertified has the largest number of AWS training classes on a Guaranteed to Run (GTR) schedule in North America. Gain peace of mind knowing your training won't be cancelled or rescheduled. Choose a AWS course with the GTR symbol and let us ensure your training schedule flows smoothly.

Whether your team is new to the cloud, experienced builders, or you have an organization that is looking to innovate at scale, a Skill Builder subscription can help deepen your team's knowledge. Go beyond our 600+ free digital courses to prepare for an AWS Certification, stay current, and unlock hands-on training in an AWS Console environment without the risk of additional fees. The minimum group size for a Team Subscription is 5.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from expert AWS instructors with AWS Digital Classroom
  • Learn by doing with AWS Builder Labs
  • Put skills to the test with AWS Jam
  • Dive deep with Industry Quest
  • Explore architecture and design with AWS Card Clash
  • Support career development with AWS Certification Exam Prep
  • Develop role expertise with AWS Cloud Quest
  • Drive cloud training for the team with the administrative dashboard

Purchase an AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription

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To fill in the gaps of a self-paced subscription, ExitCertified also makes its team of award-winning AWS Authorized Instructors available for one-on-one or group mentoring. Skill Builder Navigator provides the structured approach and live instructor coaching to make the most of your AWS Skill Builder investment.

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