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AWS Organizational Skills Assessment

The AWS Organization Skills Assessment serves as a tool designed to identify skill gaps in AWS-based roles. Our Skills Assessment creates a comprehensive AWS training plan, tailoring personalized learning plans for individuals, along with certifications to bridge these gaps. For customers, this approach translates to expedited acquisition of AWS skills and an optimized return on their training investment. 

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Here’s a general AWS Skills Assessment timeline: 

  1. First, we need to identify who will be the designated executive sponsor and understand your team structure, then we’ll create the survey.  An executive sponsor will send the survey invitation request to the employee(s). We’ve found that this helps increase survey participation. The team structure allows you to review skill gaps and training recommendations by team or organization.
  2. We’ll send you a preview link to the survey. Once you review and approve, we’ll provide the formal survey URL along with email templates.
  3. The executive sponsor will then send the survey invitation to their teams. Depending on response rates, which we’ll provide, a reminder email may be needed. If after 2 weeks response rates are low, we may recommend that extend the survey deadline.
  4. Upon completion of the survey, we’ll provide a report on identified training gaps and a recommended training plan.

During our Skills Assessment, we use an adaptive survey that covers the critical cloud roles and their related functions. The survey is a self-assessment, not a test, and takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. The survey asks questions that are specific to the role selected.  If you’re an IT architect, you’ll only get questions related to that role.

We cover the following roles: Executive, Technical Manager, Business Manager, Software Development, IT Infrastructure and Operations, DevOps, Data Analytics and Database, Security, Machine Learning, and Planning, Project & Program Management. Note that each functional area will have multiple roles. For example, in Software Development, you’ll have software architects and software developers. 

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