Top 10 IBM Cloud Training Courses

Myles Brown | Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Top 10 IBM Cloud Training Courses

Perhaps one of the best investments in job security in 2022 is to enroll in IBM cloud training courses in preparation to earn a highly sought IBM certification. IBM Cloud technologies are designed specifically for easy adoption, making them ideal for those with only basic knowledge of cloud computing solutions.

Adoption of the IBM Cloud platform has been strong with steady growth in the early 2020s.

In 2021, International Business Machines Corp. cloud sales reached $18.7 billion, well ahead of the $18.3 billion analysts had forecast, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. While IBM ranks in the top 5 in cloud solutions, according to an IDC market share report, since 2018 it has ranked as No. 1 in AI Life-Cycle Software.

IBM Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud is simplifying tech enablement across the business world. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost flexibility, efficiency and strategic value out of the technology that powers day-to-day business activities.

With businesses investing upwards of $360 billion in cloud computing solutions, according to Gartner, there’s no doubt that the digital future has arrived. IBM offers a full suite of cloud-based solutions on an integrated platform.

Key Benefits of the IBM Cloud:

  • Ability to build technology infrastructure with a pay-as-you-go model
  • Expanded capabilities for software as a service (SaaS) companies
  • Enhanced productivity with rapid deployment solutions
  • Integrated real-time statistics to boost productivity
  • Limited risk exposure for technology investments with scalability

Top IBM Cloud Training Courses

Learn in-demand IT skills with the top IBM Cloud training courses on the market, beginning with those that offer official certifications and IBM badges. While degrees hold some merit, employers are far more interested in certifications that credibly demonstrate proof of IT knowledge and cloud computing proficiency.

Listed below are the top 10 IBM cloud training courses for those just beginning their cloud learning journey:

1. IBM Cloud Pak Essentials

This course provides a background of IBM cloud technologies to  prepare IT professionals for the IBM Cloud Certification exam. A broad IBM Cloud certification provides an overview for the entire IBM Cloud platform. After completing the training and earning Cloud Certification, graduates will able to articulate the benefits of IBM Cloud solutions to stakeholders.

Th IBM Cloud Certification is ideal for salespeople, architects, consultants and developers. Ultimately, it provides the foundational knowledge to confidently engage with clients interested in investing in IBM Cloud solutions.

2. IBM Learn to Use Data Science

An IBM learning subscription is the best way to advance your cloud skills further. As a next step after the IBM Certified Solutions Advisor certification, this technical advocate certification covers an introduction to the cloud and IBM Cloud essentials like cloud native and multicloud applications. It also introduces concepts like containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

The IBM Technical Advocate certification is appropriate for all technical job roles. It’s similar to the advocate certification but covers the more in-depth technical aspects of IBM Cloud.

3. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Administration Course

This IBM Cloud Pak provides the essential skills required for integration administration and troubleshooting tasks.

The IBM Cloud Systems Administrator certification is beneficial for IT managers and other roles responsible for upgrading, installing and configuring solutions or troubleshooting integration problems. Ultimately, the most valuable option depends on what technologies are used in your current role.  

4. IBM Watson Developer Bootcamp

Cloud application developers can select from a range of learning paths to pursue to become a IBM Certified Developer. The IBM Watson Developer Bootcamp provides an introduction to the core components. Topics covered in this certification path include an introduction to cloud computing, modern integration options, security, DevOps and data services. It’s an intermediate level certification that is best for those who have completed foundational developer training.

5. Fundamentals of IBM Business Automation Workflow

The IBM Certified Solutions Implementer certifications provide the skills required to assist clients in the setup of automated workflows on the IBM Cloud.

Certifications such as the IBM Certified Solutions Implementer for API Connect v10.0.3 is a good growth opportunity for experienced developers looking to broaden their skillsets. Certification courses cover key concepts, implementation steps, security, monitoring and customization for various configurations.

6. IBM Certified Architect Prep Course

The IBM Cloud Architect learning path includes a total of 30 courses that cover IBM Cloud architecture from start to finish. It begins with an introduction to cloud architecture and is followed by instructional components on designing cloud applications, data analytics, resiliency, networking, security, storage and more.

Cloud architects are primarily responsible for turning the technical aspects of a project into a useable framework for building a cloud solution. Architects can also choose to specialize in enterprise-level projects, cybersecurity and multicloud solutions.

7. IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Administration

A system administrator handles all routine monitoring, maintenance and security tasks for a specific system. In many organizations, system administrators specialize in a specific technology, for example IBM multicloud applications. The course covers planning, installation, configuration, administration, governance and troubleshooting on the IBM Cloud.

8. IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Administration eLearning

The Cloud Pak for Data Administration training course is best for those pursuing the IBM Certified Solution Architect certification. An IBM’s certified solution architect is responsible for an organization’s data architecture, data science algorithms, machine learning operations, analytics, data governance, deployment and scaling.

9. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Installation

This course provides IT professionals with the skills required to install a Platform Navigator instance in addition to deploying the integration capabilities and runtimes. Students that complete the Integration Installation Course will understand the business value and the architecture of IBM Cloud Paks. The course also introduces students to Kubernetes and the Red Hat OpenShift container platform. Integration installation training is ideal for most IBM Cloud certifications.

10. IBM Certified Cloud Site Reliability Engineer Prep Course

As the cloud enables a broader adoption of software-based infrastructure, the need for site reliability engineering continues to grow.

The IBM Cloud Site Reliability Engineer Associate certification begins with covering site reliability engineering and basic operations, then dives into incident response, monitoring activities, operations, reviews and root-cause analysis, deployment and security compliance. The SRE certification contains 46 courses.

Final Thoughts on the Top IBM Cloud Training Courses for Beginners

IBM continues to build a robust educational program to help fill the skills gaps in modern, technology-driven business through certifications. ExitCertified offers a full range of courses that are great for beginners and those with limited experience to acquire new IT skills in high-demand cloud services like architecture, development and administration. Learn more about ExitCertified’s IBM training courses.

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Upskill With ExitCertified

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