The Cloud is Opening Career Opportunities for Women

Anuradha Nandan | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Cloud is Opening Career Opportunities for Women

Demand for technical talent in cloud computing is at an all-time high. 90% of companies are on the cloud, and even more, companies are in the process of migrating. 50% move due to security concerns, but other reasons include convenience, accessibility, and cost.

Because of high demand, companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are looking to provide career opportunities for women in IT.

Here, we will talk about how women can more easily become IT professionals with AWS cloud services. Read on for ideas on building community, training for your position, and conquering a male-dominated workforce.

The Cloud and More Available Opportunities

Between 2021 and 2028, the cloud computing market is expected to rise by 19.1% each year. This is partly due to emerging technologies in AI and machine learning that work together with the cloud.

Because of the rising demand for technical experts in cloud computing, people will be looking to hire more trained professionals. AWS is one of the largest cloud computing platforms out there. This gives highly-trained women more opportunities to get started on IT careers.

There are also many different cloud computing jobs in high demand. Women with diverse IT backgrounds can apply to jobs in their fields. Most of them have salaries of $100,000+.

Some in-demand positions include:

  • Platform, software, and data engineers
  • Full-stack developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Software architects
  • Cloud engineers

But what is AWS doing to inspire women to join their workforce?

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

AWS is committed to having diverse professionals working in cloud computing. In fact, they have a full Diversity and Inclusion initiative that's committed to making this happen.

Women are a key focus of this initiative. They have their affinity group through which to build connections. Affinity groups are employee-led and provide women with resources and a community in male-dominated spaces.

Strong Community With AWS

Communities stemming from the initiative can also help one another to find jobs. A large part of AWS's initiative is providing women with a community in their affinity groups.

Affinity groups provide women the opportunity to share ideas and information about upcoming IT events. These events include networking activities, leadership programs, and workshops to inspire development. This ensures that women in IT can attend the same career-focused events as their male counterparts (and some additional ones of their own).

You can, of course, connect with the women you meet via AWS on social media sites. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all great places to deepen these connections. By engaging with women with similar interests, you build a culture in which you can build each other up.

Worldwide Accessibility

Since more job opportunities are opening for women in cloud computing, it's important that people find opportunities in their area.

The Amazon Women in Engineering affinity group has over 30 chapters at Amazon locations worldwide.

Because of their wide reach, women in all areas of the world can work with AWS. Chapters are accessible in many locations.

Even women who are not in these areas can access AWS services. They're 100% cloud-based, and the beauty of the cloud is that it has no borders. Public information stored on the cloud is accessible worldwide, as is its underlying framework.

Since women in all nations with a working network connection can access the cloud, they can also access cloud-based careers.

Amazon has also been awarded the Tech Employer of the Year 2019 Award by Women in Tech. This large group of women felt as though AWS encouraged them to pursue STEM careers and gave them the opportunities to put their education to good use.

Since women in the Women in Tech organization are multicultural and multiethnic, this furthers AWS's reputation as a worldwide provider.

Multiple Areas of Focus

When it comes to AWS cloud training, you have multiple areas of focus that you can choose from. AWS Technical Essentials is a great introductory-level course. However, if you already have a grasp of AWS basics, there are more courses that can boost your understanding of the cloud.

Some of them include:

This is just the tip of the iceberg- there are dozens of options that you can choose from.

Women around the world can communicate with each other via the internet. This means that they can share their knowledge and understanding of their own specializations within cloud computing.

The impact of this is that all women will have a more comprehensive understanding of the AWS cloud. They can apply shared knowledge to their careers in cloud computing rather than relying solely on individual understanding.

Training, Certification, and Higher Pay

In addition to the many knowledge-enhancing training courses that ExitCertified offers, you can also take AWS exam readiness classes with us. We help career-driven women prepare for their cloud certification tests.

There are several different exams that you may be interested in taking. Each helps you to specialize in a different cloud computing career path. We offer Architect, Development, Security, and Foundational exam prep courses to help you get prepared.

Once you pass these tests, you will receive AWS certification. This honor is recognized internationally by nearly every IT company. You will have more job opportunities and can ask for higher pay when you have this certification.

Look into the Top Career Opportunities for Women

Now that you know how AWS cloud computing opens career opportunities for women, it's time to get started. Sign up for AWS training with ExitCertified's IT experts.

We offer multiple courses for both IT professionals and business leaders and emphasize giving women more opportunities to expand their knowledge in these fields. Like AWS, we're committed to including women of all backgrounds in the IT force, so we look forward to getting in touch.

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