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Cloud: How to Stop Doing it Wrong

Matthew George | Monday, August 16, 2021

Cloud: How to Stop Doing it Wrong

By now, everyone’s heard several stories about companies that experienced miraculous turnarounds after migrating to the cloud. There’s the global pharma company that cut its clinical trial simulations from 60 hours to just over 60 minutes. There’s the Australian bank that’s now able to deploy new apps in minutes instead of months. And then there’s Carlsberg, which now tracks its IoT-enabled beer kegs to see which clubs and pubs are running low and which need more of a marketing push. As Carlsberg’s CIO put it, “In this day and age, companies are built in months, not years. It was critical that we moved quickly so we could start adding value fast.” 

Those success stories might leave you with at least a tinge of bewilderment and envy. Chances are, your enterprise has already invested significantly in the cloud. (A recent study by Accenture suggests that 90% of global companies have adopted cloud in some form.) But you’re likely still a long way off from seeing any results worthy of a case study.  
If that’s your situation, take heart. You’re not alone. According to that same Accenture study, nearly two-thirds of cloud adopters haven’t achieved the results they expected when they moved to the cloud. They’re still not getting all the benefits we hear about constantly: the agility, the scalability, the cost savings, the increased speed to market. 
So what’s going wrong? You’ll find some powerful answers in the new ExitCertified whitepaper, “Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Journey.” The paper does a deep dive on the factors that separate the astonishing promise of the cloud from the reality that’s causing so much frustration.  

Part of the problem stems from the relative newness of the cloud itself. It’s been widely available to enterprise only since 2006, and it has been in a constant state of iteration ever since. In other words, to quote the famous Silicon Valley cliché, we’ve been flying the plane while building it. That reality has left enterprise less than certain about how to marry cloud technology to a clear business strategy. As a result, it’s estimated that most businesses have only 20% to 40% of their workloads in the cloud, and that those workloads tend to be the easier, less complex ones. 

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That statistic brings us to the core obstacle separating most organizations from the full rewards of the cloud. When it comes to cloud computing, there’s limited benefit to be gained from just dipping a toe in the water. The cloud can’t be treated as an experiment. Its greatest strengths and benefits are reserved for those organizations that commit fully to the technology. And committing fully takes more than signing up with Google Cloud or AWS; it requires you to build and maintain an ecosystem that unites your technology, practices and company culture. 
No enterprise can change that radically overnight. For every company, establishing a cloud strategy is a journey, and the journey takes longer for some than for others. But we now know that the journey is no longer optional. The global pandemic ramped up the world’s move to digital transformation, and it exposed the many pre-existing weaknesses of legacy systems.  
For global enterprise, achieving cloud fluency is now officially a matter of urgency. The only question that remains is how each organization will navigate the journey. There’s valuable guidance to be found in ExitCertified’s new whitepaper. I invite you to download it at the link below. 

Download your copy of “Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Journey”.

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The Secrets of Recruiting Talent and Keeping It

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