Best Agile Certifications

Matthew George | Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Best Agile Certifications

When referring to agile methodology, it's a multi-phase, cross-promotional method for breaking down projects into sprints. These sprints are a type of phase within managed projects. This framework is highly efficient and allows for continuous improvement when operating software.

The agile methodology is an excellent management approach for software, but it can also apply to other aspects of business management in terms of team workflows. This type of framework is also known at times as iterative methodology. This management style is broken down into 12 principles and four values to create an effective strategy. Individuals who work with software or operate in a business environment using this technique should obtain what is known as agile certifications.

Having agile and DevOps certification allows individuals to propel business workflows efficiently and manage teams to ensure they get optimal results. Those who are new to the concept of this management approach should consider agile certification for beginners to get a complete grasp of the concept and use it effectively in daily processes. Some of the best agile certification courses allow you to become one of the following certification designations:

For example, Agile Scrum Master training and certification from a top training provider give you all the skills and information necessary to pass the CSM test to become a Certified ScrumMaster. Each certification has its own testing requirements. Top training providers give students the knowledge and expertise they need on these techniques and strategies to not only learn what they are but also how to implement them effectively.

In turn, students who pass their exams can team up with top companies globally, providing exceptional products and services on the cutting edge of technology and progress. The training required for certification focuses heavily on working in shorter cycles and getting rapid feedback after completion. In turn, this method allows for the implementation of improvements right away to continually optimize approaches to get the best results in ever-changing environments.

Being a ScrumMaster is much like being a facilitator that allows each team to function optimally and work together to make changes to optimize overall functions within business environments. The certification process is just the beginning when it comes to choosing this path as a business leader. The position requires certain attributes that allow people who acquire certification to effectively implement this strategy. Focus, determination, and dedication are all prerequisites to implementing the training and information acquired during the training phase before obtaining a certification.

Types of Agile Certification

There are many agile certifications that can be obtained by business professionals. However, a few are most widely recognized and respected across the board. These types of agile certification include the following:

As mentioned previously, however, there are a few additional certification options. You can choose the one that best suits your role within a company to further your career. Most reputable training and certification providers can supply a complete agile certifications list.

Certified Scrum Master

A Certified Scrum Master is the ideal certification for anyone working in a capacity as a team leader. This designation allows the holder to coordinate daily tasks and workflow within the business environments using agile principles. This individual is responsible for ensuring the Scrum framework is followed precisely. They are also in charge of assigning tasks to individuals and teams and use a flexible approach to making changes and management decisions as needed. The CSM certification is the key to opening doors and allows the certification holder to advance in their field and propel the business to new heights.

PSM Certified

A Professional Scrum Master, or PSM certification, is a more advanced designation for Scrum Masters. The Professional Scrum certification training allows them to hone their skills and become more effective while working in an environment using the Agile framework. There is a heavy focus on the empirical process and Scrum framework theories. This professional role allows you to boost team efficiency and balance the servant and leadership ebb and flow of processes.

AgilePM Foundation

The Agile Project Management certification is a good fit for individuals operating within teams who wish to become management members of the company. This certification focuses on certain techniques and applications associated with this certification. You'll learn how to distinguish the correct approach to multiple scenarios and discern the proper technique to implement in that instance. This training focuses on building management skills and confidence in terms of assigning roles and working to effectively coordinate tasks between individual departments within a company. The training also puts a focus on Agile governance protocols and learning how to establish and assess progress across several projects.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner 

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner is a designation best suited to individuals already functioning in management roles within the Agile framework. This certification is designed to provide insight into the expertise of the holder. The focus is on in-depth philosophies and principles of the Agile framework and applying efficient strategies while delegating responsibilities across teams. This training helps create a more capable leader to boost project management. Choosing the right approach for projects is this role's responsibility. In turn, these highly trained and experienced certification holders can create rapid completion of projects and boost productivity along the way.

SAFe Agilist

The SAFe Agilist is a certification best suited for business leaders and existing Scrum Masters with an interest in advancing opportunities in the workplace. The goal of SAFe agile certification training and certification is to learn the principles of the scaled Agile framework and to improve overall workflows.These leaders know how to improve task efficiency and create scaled processes that work best for each company. They can help improve products, productivity, and quality. This certification's primary focus is to provide concise common objectives.

Agile Certification Training

If you want to advance in your career operating in an Agile framework, then obtaining an Agile certification and Agile certification training is the right step forward. But how do you choose the right training and certification courses? There are many agile training courses to choose from, making the process of elimination key.

First, you must determine your current goals and then establish which Agile certification training is best for your needs. For example, do you want to enter the world of Agile certification as a leader and teamwork servant?

If so, you'll want to get your Scrum Master certification or SCM. Advanced management, on the other hand, would want to obtain a SAFe Agilist certification or SAFe Agile training. Once you know which type of certification you need, you'll want to determine the top options for training and certification in the field. One of the first beneficial attributes of a top training provider would be exceptional content and the overall quality of the training. 

How does the curriculum present itself? What information does the course cover? Look at the entirety of the concepts covered and find out how interactive and engaging the program is for students. A top program provides the tools and tips necessary to succeed in your role. Once you determine which certification is ideal and what attributes a top training provider offers, you'll want to analyze the cost and value of the course.Look at a few leaders in the field and assess the cost of their programs. 

How much support do they provide? What materials are offered to you? Try to choose a course that fits your budget and your time preferences. Flexibility can be a key deciding factor for many busy professionals. Remember that each course from different companies has its own unique components. However, the best programs may not always be the least expensive. You must consider that your ability to access the best and most effective information, comprehensive training, and a wide range of materials to help you get the best education should always be a top deciding factor for anyone wishing to advance in their career.

ExitCertified is a top training and certification provider for those interested in becoming agile-certified practitioners. Our range of training programs, educational materials, and flexibility offer the best value in the industry.We also offer comprehensive support and a wealth of information to ensure you get the best training and certification to suit your role within your company. Please feel free to contact us today for more information and details about the courses we offer to professionals working in the Agile framework.

We are ready to work with you to help you achieve your goals and become an integral part of your team, working in a servant role or as a part of a management solution. Find out how we can help you today and create a better future for you and your teams with agile certification.

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