Best Agile Certifications

Best Agile Certifications

If you want to advance in your career operating in an Agile framework, then obtaining an Agile certification is the right step forward. Learn which Agile certifications are right for you in our blog post.

Matthew George
Matthew George on November 14th 2023

How to Optimize Your Current Technologies and Methodologies

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the top methodologies and technologies you could optimize if your IT team were using them better.

Susan Asher & Myles Brown on August 1st 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Machine Learning

Learning the basics of machine learning is the first step to unlocking its capabilities.

Susan Asher on July 20th 2023

Simplify IT Training Course Access with the ExitCertified Training Hub

In today's rapidly evolving IT landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers. Recognizing this need, ExitCertified has introduced a robust solution—the Training Hub.

Matthew George
Matthew George on June 8th 2023

The 2023 Cloud + Skills Summit Recap: Here’s what you missed

In case you did not get the opportunity to catch our Cloud + Skills Summit, see the recap of our sessions here.

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The ExitCertified Team on May 10th 2023

A Beginner's Guide to IBM Maximo Training

Ready to advance your career with IBM Maximo? From asset management to data integration, here's a detailed guide on what you can learn from IBM Maximo Training!

Susan Asher on April 27th 2023

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Learn how Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) brings together compute, storage, and networking into a single system, reducing operational costs and the number of physical machines needed in the data center.

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Susan Asher & Ken Willard on April 21st 2023

Understanding the CI/CD Pipeline

In this article, we will explore the CI/CD pipeline, its benefits, and the critical components of this approach.

Susan Asher on April 19th 2023

A Roadmap for Microsoft Security Certifications in 2023

Want to grow your career in cybersecurity? Read about Microsoft Security Certifications that you can earn in 2023.

Susan Asher on April 14th 2023

2023 Cloud + Skills Virtual Summit: Everything You Need to Know

ExitCertified will hold the Cloud + Skills Summit May 2–4 from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. E.T. This three-day virtual event is designed for IT and Learning & Development professionals to discover the latest cloud technology trends and understand the importance of continuous learning.

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The ExitCertified Team on April 11th 2023

How to Become a Cloud Architect

With the business world increasingly moving to the cloud as an IT delivery vehicle, cloud architects are becoming mission-critical specialists.

Susan Asher on March 30th 2023

The Pros and Cons of Kubernetes

Myles Brown, Senior Cloud and DevOps Advisor at ExitCertified, and Michael Stapleton, one of the company’s award-winning training instructors, sat down to discuss the pros and cons of Kubernetes as well as the type of companies that may or may not benefit from it.

on March 27th 2023

How to Get an AWS Certification and Earn a Top-Paying Salary

IT professionals can enhance their career in cloud technology and earn top salaries by achieving an AWS certification.

Susan Asher on March 17th 2023

Email Template: Get Your Manager to Say Yes to Training

You know you need training to advance your organization — and your career. Now you need a way to get your manager’s approval.

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The ExitCertified Team on March 15th 2023

5 Key Takeaways from The 2023 State of IT Training Report

Learn how to prepare for what’s next in the IT training industry with insight information regarding training expenditures, the methods firms use to teach IT workers, and the effects of training on productivity and job satisfaction.

Susan Asher on February 13th 2023

4 Software Trends In 2023

Discover the top four software trends to be following in 2023.

Susan Asher on December 23rd 2022

2022: Another Year of Achievements for ExitCertified

As the holiday season and New Year draw upon us, ExitCertified looks back at 2022.

Susan Asher on December 22nd 2022

The Top 20 Highest-Paying IT Certifications in 2023

There’s never been a better time to build your credentials with IT certifications. These 20 highest-paying certifications can boost your salary and lead you to a better career in 2023.

Susan Asher on October 7th 2022

Top Microsoft Azure Blogs to Follow in 2022

ExitCertified ranked the top 10 Microsoft Azure blogs you should follow in 2022 to stay up to date on the latest tips and platform news.

Susan Asher on July 13th 2022

Upskill, Reskill or Cross-skill to Enable Your IT Workforce for the Cloud

Information technology organizations are turning to cloud services to drive specific, desired business outcomes. Learn how organizations have identified significant skills gaps in the existing IT workforce in preparation for adopting cloud computing.

Brian Carlson on June 14th 2022

Flexibility, Targeted Learning and Creative Configurations: The Power of Tailored Tech Training

When choosing technology training solutions for your IT teams, there’s a lot to consider. Learn how to get configured authorized training that best suits you or your operations.

Brian Carlson on June 14th 2022

The Evolving IT Workforce: Why Investing in L&D is Critical for Success

Learn how organizations benefit from responding to cultural shifts to retain and recruit high-performing employees in the evolving IT workforce.

myles brown
Myles Brown on June 7th 2022

Top IT Cloud Skills You Need in 2022

The pursuit of digital transformation will likely increase in 2022, as will the jobs associated with keeping the cloud infrastructure running. Learn how to leverage the demand for cloud professionals with these top IT cloud skills.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 13th 2022

Top IT Cloud Certifications for Cloud Professionals

Learn the top IT certifications that cloud professionals should take to advance their skills and
broaden their IT skillset.

myles brown
Myles Brown on April 27th 2022

Top Cyber Certifications of 2022

Keep up to date on the current best cybersecurity certifications with our list of the top 8 certifications for 2022.

myles brown
Myles Brown on April 22nd 2022

Data Pipeline Automation: Harness the Power of Your Most Critical Business Asset

Pipeline automation is essential for any business that aspires to be data-driven.

myles brown
Myles Brown on April 5th 2022

ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit Presents New Cloud Computing Strategies and Technologies

Tuesday, April 26, ExitCertified presents a Virtual Cloud Summit to help organizations and IT professionals further understand and adopt various cloud technologies.

Susan Asher on March 25th 2022

Promote Your IT Skills With Mirantis Training Badges

Learn how to utilize Mirantis training badges as a visual representation to promote your cloud and container technology skills.

myles brown
Myles Brown on March 17th 2022

Machine Learning Service Comparisons Among the Main Cloud Vendors

All Big Three cloud vendors — AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud — offer a range of machine learning services. Learn how these machine learning services define infrastructure support.

myles brown
Myles Brown on March 16th 2022

The Types of Multiplexing Explained

What you need to know about multiplexing, including the way it works and the two types of multiplexing.

Matthew George
Matthew George on February 17th 2022

What Is Amazon EC2?

Learn about Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the types of virtual machines (instances) that can be deployed on EC2.

myles brown
Myles Brown on January 27th 2022

35 Important In-Demand IT Skills for 2022

Here are 35 of the most important, in-demand IT skills and areas you’ll need to master in order to meet and exceed the job skill demands of 2022 and beyond.

Matthew George
Matthew George on January 26th 2022

Five Steps on the Journey to Becoming a Full-Stack Network Engineer

Learn more about becoming a full-stack network engineer and how embracing this role can future-proof your career.

myles brown
Myles Brown on January 26th 2022

How to Become a Network Engineer

The demand for network engineering in North America and Europe is on the rise. Learn how to become a certified network engineer.

myles brown
Myles Brown on January 3rd 2022

The Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers

Review the best Wi-Fi 6 routers available to support the latest generation of wireless internet-connected laptops and smartphones.

Alexandra Kenney on January 1st 2022

Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA)

Wondering how to become an Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator? If that's the case,
click here to learn more about it today.

alex bellows
Alex Bellows on October 29th 2021

How To Get Your Veeam VMCE 2021 Certification

Are you looking to get your Veeam VMCE 2021 certification? Learn what you need to take your exam and how to get certified here.

Rachel Gillis on October 20th 2021

The Importance of Keeping Government Data Safe in Cloud Storage

Keeping data safe is of the utmost importance in our modern digital world. Continue reading to learn more about keeping government data safe in the cloud.

Alexandra Kenney on September 15th 2021

68% Of Organizations Embracing Kubernetes, Don’t Fall Behind

Did you know that 68% of organizations have increased container adoption for their application development and deployment? Learn why you shouldn’t fall behind this trend.

Matthew George
Matthew George on September 3rd 2021

The Best of the Best: ExitCertified’s 2020 Instructor of the Year

Find out who is our Instructor of the Year! Qualifying as an ExitCertified instructor is an unusual achievement all by itself. Our instructors have an average of 27 years of IT experience, and they have each taught IT courses for an average of 17 years.

Kerrie Redmond
Kerrie Redmond on August 20th 2021

The Cloud is Opening Career Opportunities for Women

Organizations' shift to the cloud provides many new career opportunities for women. Learn how to seize this opportunity by obtaining cloud training and more.

Anuradha Nandan on August 18th 2021

Cloud: How to Stop Doing it Wrong

So what’s going wrong? You’ll find some powerful answers in the new ExitCertified whitepaper, “Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Journey.” The paper does a deep dive on the factors that separate the astonishing promise of the cloud from the reality that’s causing so much frustration.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 16th 2021

5 Reasons To Consider Multi-Cloud For Your Organization

A multi-cloud setup can be used to eliminate the dependence on any individual cloud provider. This article explains why a multi-cloud setup could be beneficial for your organization.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 10th 2021

What is Project Quality Management?

What actually is project quality management? Discover more about what it entails in this comprehensive and informative article.

Alexandra Kenney on August 4th 2021

The Top 9 Machine Learning Key Terms You Need to Know

The first step to diving into the world of machine learning is to familiarize yourself with related terminology. Read on for the top machine learning key terms.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 4th 2021

What Is Project Scope Management? An Overview

The bigger the project, the more energy it takes to complete it. How can project managers keep things flowing? Learn all about project scope management here.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 3rd 2021

What is Supplier Management?

Having a good management system allows you to ensure that your needs are met. Only then will your clients get the high-quality goods that they expect. Read on to learn what supplier management is and why it's important.

Anuradha Nandan on August 3rd 2021

What is IAM? Identity and Access Management Explained

Are you curious as to how identity and access management can help your company? Here's your answer to the question what is IAM.

Matthew George
Matthew George on May 27th 2021

Keeping Government Data Safe in the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing is growing exponentially in governmental organizations around the world. And if you’re in a field that manages sensitive personal information, lapses in security will be difficult to explain or forgive. Learn to keep data safe in the cloud.

Anuradha Nandan on May 25th 2021

Top 6 Benefits of Earning a SAS Certification

Are you interested in a career in computer programming? If so, getting training and a certification in SAS could be the best way to reach your goal. These are the benefits of getting your certification.

Matthew George
Matthew George on April 28th 2021

AWS Trends to Watch for in 2021

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the forefront of a rapidly changing cloud services market, these are the AWS trends to be aware of as we progress through 2021.

Anuradha Nandan on February 8th 2021

Learner Engagement and Knowledge Retention Get a Major Boost With Live Virtual

From November 2019 to November 2020, Live Virtual students spent more than 277,500 hours learning on the platform. And when they used Live Virtual high-definition webcam and headset (shipped to students in advance of their course), their satisfaction ratings soared to an average of 4.79 out of 5. Learn more about our revolutionary platform.

Victor Torgrimson on January 26th 2021

Customer Case Studies: How the Right Training Speeds Up Success in Digital and the Cloud

At ExitCertified, we believe a successful digital transformation starts with training, and we’re here to help. Read about our recent success stories in our case studies.

Matthew George
Matthew George on December 8th 2020

Information Technology Trends and Predictions for 2021

In this article, we cover the top technologies targeted for IT in 2021, including work-from-home support, revenue and budget issues, top tech trends, and more.

Matthew George
Matthew George on November 16th 2020

What Is Kubernetes and How Will It Affect 5G on Cloud Infrastructure?

How will Kubernetes affect 5G as an application on cloud infrastructure? It certainly has a role to play, and the following guide will show you how.

Matthew George
Matthew George on August 25th 2020

How to Change the Path of Your IT Career

There are many jobs and specialties in the IT industry. This helpful guide shows you how to change the path of your IT career.

Alexandra Kenney on August 20th 2020

Google Cloud vs. AWS: What’s Best for You?

Google and Amazon have led the charge in propelling the mass adoption of cloud technology by making task completion more efficient and cost-effective. Cloud computing is here to stay for a long time, and companies that don’t adopt it may be left behind. But how do you know what's best for your organization: Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Anuradha Nandan on August 7th 2020

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services : What's the Difference?

The cloud computing industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years as companies ramp up their digital transformation to boost IT efficiency. It's a great time to earn an IT certification in cloud security, architecture or engineering. Learn about the differences between Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Alexandra Kenney on August 5th 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts in Leading a Remote Team

The future of work is here to stay, which means you must embrace the idea that your team may never be in the same place at the same time. How you show up and engage as their leader will make a world of difference in the overall results and performance of your team and organization.

Joanne Trotta Headshot v2
Joanne Trotta Guest Author on August 4th 2020

Technical IT Interviews 101: Interview Prep and Sample Questions

If you are ready to embark upon an exciting career in IT, you’ll first want to master the art of technical interviews, which are often considered to be more challenging than traditional job interviews. How can you prepare for the technical interview to increase your chances of landing the job? We've put together this guide with preparation tips and sample interview questions to help you get started.

Alexandra Kenney on July 23rd 2020

Don’t Let Your U.S. Government Training Budget Go to Waste

Meet your Department of Defense training requirements with special GSA pricing on 9,500+ vendor-approved courses you can take anywhere, anytime.

TD emblem logo
The ExitCertified Team on July 13th 2020

What Is Amazon RDS?

Learn about Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), its time- and cost-saving benefits and how to connect RDS on MySQL.

myles brown
Myles Brown on July 7th 2020

How to Find the Right AWS Certification

You have many options when it comes to AWS certifications, but which AWS certification is right for you? Click here to find out more today!

myles brown
Myles Brown on June 10th 2020

The 5 Most Common IT Issues in Business

Learn about the top five most common IT issues that businesses face and why they must be addressed immediately.

Matthew George
Matthew George on June 9th 2020

The Top Big Data Tools of 2021

Learn about the best big data tools for business in 2021 and their key features.

Mark McCreath on June 3rd 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs of 2021

Learn about the top 10 IT jobs of the future and the skills you need to advance your career.

Brian Carlson on May 26th 2020

The Top 10 Business Analysis Tools

See the full list of the top 10 business analysis tools available for professionals and businesses in 2020.

Brian Carlson on May 21st 2020

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake: What’s the Difference?

Learn the difference between data warehouses and data lakes, and how businesses use them.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 14th 2020

The 3 Cloud Computing Service Delivery Models Explained

Learn how cloud computing services operate and the features of the three main cloud computing service delivery models.

myles brown
Myles Brown on May 13th 2020

Data Warehousing on AWS: What's New With Amazon Redshift?

Amazon Redshift is a powerhouse of data warehousing when it comes to cloud computing services. Here are the latest news and updates on Amazon Redshift.

Matthew George
Matthew George on April 27th 2020

Keep Your Organization Connected on Microsoft Teams

The use of work collaboration tools is on the rise, so we have information about the popular platform Microsoft Teams and how you can learn about using it effectively in your organization.

Matthew George
Matthew George on April 20th 2020

The 12 Most Difficult IT Jobs for Employers to Fill

With so many pathways to get into these 12 IT jobs employers are struggling to fill, it can be hard to know where to start. In many cases, there is a fair bit of overlap with other IT areas, so businesses would benefit from implementing in-house upskilling, reskilling and IT training programs for the staff they currently have. It all starts with the right training.

Matthew George
Matthew George on March 23rd 2020

How to Become a Cloud Architect

Learn about the exciting career of a cloud architect and how you can become certified through virtual or in-class training.

myles brown
Myles Brown on March 12th 2020

Focus on Fintech: Three Ways to Thrive in a Technology-Driven Financial Industry

Everyone in the banking and financial industry — including bank tellers, economists, research analysts and many others — need to enhance their digital skills to keep up with the market. While the rapid changes may seem daunting, the future of fintech provides exciting advancement opportunities for anyone ready to learn and grow with the industry.

Brian Carlson on March 11th 2020

Top IT Cloud Skills for the U.S Federal Government

In this post, we outline the roles that the U.S. government requires to help fill the cloud skills gap and explain what two cloud roles will be in demand in the federal government.

Anuradha Nandan on March 10th 2020

Top 5 IT Industry Trends of 2021

Innovation is accelerating business automation through the cloud, security, and big data. Learn what technologies are making the biggest impact on IT in 2020.

Brian Carlson on March 3rd 2020

Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Training Provider + FREE checklist

In this post, we answer the four questions to ask before choosing your training provider. We’ve included some of those important questions about reputation, course quality, delivery options, and customer service on our complimentary ExitCertified Training Provider Checklist, now available.

Alexandra Kenney on March 2nd 2020

How to Spark a Digital Transformation

If your company’s internal processes are not as streamlined and impactful as they used to be, then you should consider a digital transformation. Learn how.

Alexandra Kenney on February 21st 2020

Top Cybersecurity Career Paths and Certifications

Within the field of cybersecurity, four core disciplines play a vital role in protecting data and sensitive information. Read this article to learn about what they are.

myles brown
Myles Brown on February 20th 2020

Simplifying Training with a Customer Enrollment Portal

ExitCertified’s new Customer Enrollment Portal gives your company a dedicated platform — white-labeled with your company logo — for the smooth management of all your training.

Matthew George
Matthew George on February 13th 2020

The Best Way to Learn SQL Is Through Certification

SQL server training is invaluable to organizations and individuals in the IT industry. Learn more about how you too can quickly become SQL certified.

on February 13th 2020

Is a Data Science Certificate Worth It?

Data science careers are exploding in demand, but do you need a certificate to be job-ready? Find out what you will learn with a data science certification program.

Alexandra Kenney on February 4th 2020

Learn How to Future-Proof Your IT Career

You need a clear action plan for long-term success, and you’ll find it in our free whitepaper, “Future-Proof Your IT Career: How to Stay Relevant in a Field of Constant Change.” Download your copy now — it’s the first step in building credentials that will last.

Matthew George
Matthew George on January 14th 2020

The Case for Vendor Authorized ILT Training

This article explores the different types of training offered. Whether you’re looking for public or private training, if quality is your highest priority, your best bet is vendor-authorized ILT.

myles brown
Myles Brown on January 10th 2020

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills: What Do Hiring Managers Prefer?

When looking at what it takes to find a job in your career of choice or to move to the next step in your discipline, we often think predominantly of technical skills — also known as hard skills. As in, what specific competencies do you need to complete the core duties of a role?

Matthew George
Matthew George on December 19th 2019

Refer a Friend. Get up to $100 in an Amazon Gift Card

Refer a friend or colleague and get up to $100 Amazon gift card — when they book training! Referred students will receive 15% off training!

Alexandra Kenney on December 17th 2019

Why Use Docker on VMware?

In this article, we will explore how VMware can support a Docker Enterprise edition implementation and, perhaps more importantly, why you might make that choice.

John Lucas
John Lucas Guest Author on November 14th 2019

Discover the Difference with Expert Training from ExitCertified

As leaders in professional development, ExitCertified provides more value with an evolving curriculum that is taught by highly qualified instructors and delivered through modalities that fit into even the busiest schedules. Read on to discover how ExitCertified’s training solutions can help you and your company meet your goals.

Victor Torgrimson on November 6th 2019

The Secrets of Recruiting Talent and Keeping It

If you’re in any way responsible for finding the right people for your organization, your job isn’t easy. At ExitCertified, we’ve done some research to help answer those questions in our whitepaper, “Future-proof Your Workforce: The Importance of Learning Within Organizations,” which is available as a free download.

Matthew George
Matthew George on October 22nd 2019

What Technology Trends Can We Expect in 2021?

As we power through the final quarter of 2019, we have rounded up our predictions about what lies ahead for technology trends in 2021.

Matthew George
Matthew George on October 15th 2019

Four Ways to Run Docker on AWS

In this post, we will present an overview of four ways to deploy Docker on Amazon Web Services. We will summarize the Elastic Container Service (ECS), the Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), AWS Fargate and finally deploying Docker on EC2.

Chris Littlefield on September 27th 2019

Focus on the Right IT Training for the Future

The IT landscape is changing—again—and the need for training in emerging technologies is on the rise. As we approach a new year, and a new decade, you have an opportunity to explore what the future could hold for your team, your technology and your own career.

Matthew George
Matthew George on September 24th 2019

Why Virtual Training is Better than Your Average Online IT Course

This relatively new and evolving offering revolutionizes training for busy IT and technology-driven companies. There are five critical reasons why you should consider virtual training for your teams.

Alexandra Kenney on September 23rd 2019

Skilling Up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technologies such as IoT, robotics, VR and AI are changing the world in ways we can’t yet fully predict. What we do know, however, is that these technologies are already calling for significantly upgraded IT skills.

alex bellows
Alex Bellows on September 5th 2019

The Top 30 Cloud Computing Words, Phrases, and Acronyms You Need to Know

Cloud Computing is a cornerstone topic in the IT industry with big players like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others providing cloud services offerings. These are the top 30 cloud computing terms you should be familiar with if you want to pursue a career in the cloud.

TD emblem logo
The ExitCertified Team on August 7th 2019

The Top DevOps Terms You Need to Know

Whether you are an end-user or a DevOps engineer – this compilation of DevOps Glossary terms is just perfect for anyone to get started with DevOps basics. We have put together a list of the most popular DevOps terms and definitions that are frequently used.

Alexandra Kenney on July 29th 2019

The Cloud Computing Market Share in 2021

The Gartner report provides extensive insight into the Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant criteria, selection process, and findings. We’ve summarized the top takeaways to help give you a bit of insight and simplify your search for the best cloud IaaS provider for your company.

TD emblem logo
The ExitCertified Team on July 29th 2019

Contribute to the ExitCertified blog

Whether you are an IT expert or want to talk about a particular IT training niche or industry topic, we invite you to share your knowledge through the ExitCertified blog. Submitting informative, well-written content will increase the likelihood of getting published. Read on to find out the guidelines that will give you the best chance.

Alexandra Kenney on July 26th 2019

The Top 5 Advantages of Live Virtual Training vs. Online Courses

ExitCertified offers exclusive remote-learning technology: Live Virtual. Today you can leverage a complete virtual experience with ExitCertified’s Live Virtual and get the full benefits of the classroom, no matter where you are.

Matthew George
Matthew George on July 24th 2019

How to Fast Track your Career with Google Cloud Training & Certifications

As new features and tools are added to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regularly, it’s critical for developers to remain current on the latest GCP offering. GCP training and certification allows developers to boost their careers.

myles brown
Myles Brown on June 3rd 2019

The Complete Guide to SAP S/4HANA Training

Learn about S/4HANA and why its become one of SAP’s flagship products. New to SAP? This SAP S/4 HANA overview guide will give you the insights you need.

Alexandra Kenney on May 23rd 2019