Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA)

Alex Bellows | Friday, October 29, 2021

Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA)

Are you a working IT professional looking to move into Oracle database administration? Or perhaps you’re just beginning your IT career. You could even be a manager who wants to find additional training for his well-experienced SQL database administrator. Whatever the case, there are courses available to speed progress toward an Oracle PL/SQL certification. Let’s look at the certification paths you can follow and a few of the many courses you can choose.

Oracle PL/SQL Certification Paths

Oracle designates its certification paths under the following categories:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Master
  • Specialist
  • Expert

Examples of Courses Leading to Certification

Trainers such as ExitCertified maintain a large catalog of readily available courses that will help you gain the knowledge you need to earn a certification.

For example, below are the two main courses that will lead to obtaining certification as an Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional. 

Database 19c: Administration Workshop

This course offers five days of instruction on using proper database architecture to build a database that stores information efficiently and securely. The program also touches on how to backup and recover lost data.

The workshop covers options for creating an Oracle database and how to initiate and shut down instances. You’ll also receive training for configuring shared server architecture and configuring Oracle connection manager.

You’ll learn how to load and transport data from external tables. The course will also address how to monitor the performance of your database properly. 

Oracle Database 19c: Advanced PL/SQL

This three-day course will get you more comfortable dealing with large and complex data. You’ll learn how to use collections correctly. You'll also learn how to work with JSON data.

You’ll receive instruction on how to keep your database functioning at a high level by caching. The course will also introduce advanced security mechanisms.

Benefits of Certification to IT Professionals

Maybe you've debated whether it was worth your time to pursue certification. If you're still undecided, consider a few good reasons that your colleagues chose to get their certificate.

Increase Your Employment Options

Certification offers an advantage when you're trying to stand out against other job applicants. Even if they have more practical experience than you, you’re more likely to get the position.

In some cases, having certification may be mandatory for all applicants. You’ll need the proper documentation even to receive a first look for some database administrator jobs, much less an interview.

Secure Your Present Position

The effort that you put forth to obtain your certification shows your employer that you’re looking to improve the quality of work you give the company. The more knowledge you receive, the more flexible you can become within the organization, capable of filling future openings.

In other words, you become one of those people who’s too valuable to let go even during a downturn in the economy.

Earn More Money

Do you want to advance within your organization? Are you looking to make a huge career move with a new company? No matter where your ambitions take you, having proof of additional training is more likely to get you more lucrative offers for database administrator jobs.

Gain Respect

People view those with accreditation differently than they do those without it. No one looks at an electrician’s assistant the same as they do a licensed electrician. Neither does anyone consider a physician’s assistant in the same light as a licensed physician.

It’s similar in the IT world. Despite your many years of on-the-job experience, without certification, you will appear lacking in the eyes of many. After your certification, people will take you more seriously because certification gives weight to your opinions and suggestions.

The Benefits of Certification to Employers

Certification brings benefits to companies that you may not have considered. But employers who are aware of the advantages of certification regularly seek additional training for their staff.

Keep Good Employees

When a business is willing to arrange and pay for the certification of its employees, it sends a clear signal. It tells the employees that the company appreciates their talent and believes that they are capable of even more remarkable achievements.

That’s the sort of atmosphere that makes IT professionals remain with their present company rather than look elsewhere. After all, why leave when your current company is committed to helping you reach your professional potential?

Companies that foster growth spend less time conducting exit interviews and running ads for job openings. That means that managers can devote more time on their day-to-day assignments.

Increase Production

Employees with certification training have a more considerable skillset than non-certified workers. Those with training can tackle more complex issues and get the most out of the company’s software.

Logically, that means their production would increase. Problems that previously befuddled your database administrators are ones that they might then tackle with ease. In turn, those certified professionals can pass along their knowledge to the rest of the team, increasing company productivity even more.

Attract More Clients

Clients will exercise their right to ask for proof that the personnel at your company handling their data are competent professionals. But how do you prove this?

Your database managers could be the most charming people in the world, but that doesn’t erase the client’s worry. The client wants tangible proof that the managers have the required skills.

The best proof you can offer is certification. This document provides the testimony of a third party, the company that presented the certification training. That third party vouches for your team with an independent voice that speaks louder to your client than you could ever do.

Start Oracle PL/SQL Certification Database Administrator Training Today

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