Keep Your Organization Connected on Microsoft Teams

Matthew George | Monday, April 20, 2020

Keep Your Organization Connected on Microsoft Teams

There are several widely recognized workforce collaboration platforms, but the recent rise of the chat, collaboration and video conferencing app Microsoft Teams has everyone talking about it. According to GeekWire, over the span of just one week, Microsoft Teams saw an increase of 37 percent in daily active users on the platform during the remote work surge in March 2020, growing from 32 million to 44 million users around the world. During that same week, Microsoft also signed up six additional large business customers that each brought in more than 100,000 users.

If you’re responsible for the administration of IT systems and platform in your organization, these popular courses can help you get started with Microsoft Teams:

Managing Microsoft Teams

This course is designed for IT professionals aspiring to get into the Microsoft Teams admin role, and covers six central elements:

  • Microsoft Teams overview
  • Implementing governance, security and compliance for Microsoft Teams
  • Preparing the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
  • Deploying and managing teams
  • Managing collaboration
  • Managing communication

Students who take this course are interested in Microsoft Teams or in passing the Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate certification exam.

Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration 

This course is designed for IT professionals who deploy and manage the teamwork infrastructure in their organization. In this course, you will learn how to plan, deploy and manage Microsoft Teams. Specifically, this course discusses the relationship of Teams with SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 groups, and provides best practices for the adoption and deployment of Teams within your organization. It also covers how to establish guest policies and data governance for your Teams data.

Specifically designed for administrators who would implement Microsoft Teams within an organization, these courses are ideal for getting started on the road to collaboration success.

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