Refer a Friend. Get up to $100 in an Amazon Gift Card

Alexandra Kenney | Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Refer a Friend. Get up to $100 in an Amazon Gift Card

If you’ve taken any courses or certifications through ExitCertified, you already know the value of our award-winning training. And because you’ve experienced the benefits of that great training, you’ve probably referred friends and colleagues to us more than once. But now, your loyalty and preference for ExitCertified can earn you a more tangible reward — you get rewarded up to $100 Amazon gift card for each new student you send our way, and he or she gets a 15% discount on training!

Here’s how the program works: 
  1. Think about all your colleagues or friends whose careers might benefit from IT training. (Today, that’s just about everyone!) 
  2. Then, tell or send them information about ExitCertified. 
  3. If they’re training with us for the first time and booking a course listed at between for $500 or more, you’ll both be eligible for ExitCertified rewards. Its a tiered reward scheme so check out the levels below.  
  4. Your friend will get 15% off that first course, and you’ll get as much as $100 in an Amazon gift card once he or she has completed the training. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn*.

Gift cards* will be processed at these levels:

  • $25 gift card when valid referral purchases courses listed at $500 to $999
  • $50 gift card when valid referral purchases courses listed at $1000 to $1999
  • $100 gift card when valid referral purchases courses listed at $2000 or greater

So, how do you let the world know? Start by generating your own personal referral link here. You can send that link directly to friends via email, and to your followers on social media.

You may not know exactly what course or certification your friend needs, but we can almost guarantee ExitCertified has it. With more than 9,500 courses, all taught by award-winning, certified instructors, we cover the most needed skills for all of today’s top brands, including AWS, VMware, IBM, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat, SAP and more. And with five different training formats, our courses can match anyone’s schedule and learning style, whether they prefer a traditional classroom, self-paced online training, or remote classroom experience through our exclusive Live Virtual training interactive technology.

In reality, as you know, the friends and colleagues you refer will be getting a lot more than just a 15% discount. Depending on the course or certification, they could go on to earn the kind of credentials that will give them enhanced leverage when it comes to salary negotiations — whether in their current job or with a future employer. Plus, they’ll be getting the increased respect and job satisfaction that naturally flow to those who step up to a more meaningful role in the success of the enterprise.

Ongoing training has never been more important or valuable than it is right now. And with the offer of an Amazon gift card and a discount for your friends, the benefits are even greater. Grab your referral link, and start sharing the rewards right now.

*Terms and conditions apply. See full details at

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