Discover the Difference with Expert Training from ExitCertified

Victor Torgrimson | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Discover the Difference with Expert Training from ExitCertified

For more than 20 years, ExitCertified has offered impactful training to elevate careers and improve company outcomes. With hundreds of courses to choose from, it’s easy to find a topic or certification track that will help you build your technical skills and give your career an extra edge.

We have trained more than 125,000 students at over 2,500 companies.

As the IT landscape evolves, ExitCertified continues to build, fine tune and expand its professional development offerings and courses. That being said, ExitCertified understands that a wide suite of courses is only part of the equation. Expert training starts with the instructor, and is then carried forward through a well-crafted curriculum that fits the needs of both the individual and the industry.

As leaders in professional development, ExitCertified provides more value with an evolving curriculum that is taught by highly qualified instructors and delivered through modalities that fit into even the busiest schedules. Read on to discover how ExitCertified’s training solutions can help you and your company meet your goals.

Industry-Recognized Training Programs

Since 2001, ExitCertified has worked to increase the breadth and depth of its courses, and evolved its curriculum to include everything from individual classes to full certification pathways, covering some of the most relevant technologies and software solutions available today.

In response, several technology vendors have acknowledged ExitCertified’s commitment to excellence. These are just some of the recognitions that ExitCertified has received:

The difference is the commitment to business value. With ExitCertified, you can take what you learn and apply it directly to your work. Whether you choose a single course or a full certification track, you’re learning through expertly crafted classwork. Your courses will help you gain clarity, fully understand the information and boost your productivity with skills and knowledge you can apply to the real world.

Expert Instructors Who Understand the IT Industry

ExitCertified’s instructors are passionate about their subjects and possess an expert-level understanding of the technologies they teach. Each ExitCertified instructor is fully certified and accredited in the subject matter they teach. These instructors don’t just teach IT courses, they deeply understand the material because they’ve used the concepts in practice.

it training instructor

ExitCertified course surveys show:

97 percent of students are satisfied with the level of expertise their instructors have. 

ExitCertified instructors have an average of 27 years of IT experience and an average of 17 years of experience teaching IT courses. 

67 percent of ExitCertified instructors continue to actively consult, with an average of 15 years served as consultants.

With dedicated, expert instructors who understand the technology and how it applies, you benefit from training that is informational, relevant and practical. ExitCertified instructors can answer the tough questions because they’ve been there in the industry, and have used the technology and tools you are learning so you can deliver solutions on tight deadlines. They know what you’ll face when you leave the classroom, and they’re dedicated to helping you become more knowledgeable and productive in your job.

Training That Fits Your Schedule

It’s not always easy to fit training into your tight delivery schedule. No matter how relevant the course or experienced the instructor, traveling to a training center to sit in a classroom for a week isn’t always an option. That’s why ExitCertified brings instructors and courses directly to your device with Live Virtual training.

With Live Virtual, you get the same instructor-led classroom learning experience no matter where you’re sitting. ExitCeritifed instructors are trained to make your virtual learning experience just as engaging as if you were in a physical classroom. ExitCertified provides optional high-definition cameras and headsets, along with real-time production support so you can be assured that you won’t miss a moment of your course.

If you find that you need even more flexibility, ExitCertified also offers self-paced courses, training subscriptions and private group training. With a wide variety of courses offered through multiple delivery modalities, there’s sure to be training you can take that fits your personal goals, your company’s needs and your demanding schedule.

iMVP redefines virtual training

Effective Training Means Effective Workforces

ExitCertified has helped countless individuals boost their technical skillsets to become part of a more effective workforce. With training and certification, workers and businesses can enjoy improved productivity, better results and increased performance. According to the IBM paper, “The Value of Training”:

  • Increasing team skills by just one third improves the likelihood of stakeholders meeting their objectives from 10 to 100 percent.
  • Eighty-four percent of employees in the best-performing organizations are receiving the training they need, which is 68 percent better than the worst-performing companies
  • Seventy-five to eighty percent of managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project.
  • By advancing skill levels linked to business value, business leaders saw a 10 percent increase in productivity.

These business leaders understand that a better trained workforce is central to their company’s success at both the individual-project and corporate-strategy levels. They recognize the efficiency and productivity they’ve gained by providing professional development opportunities to their employees.

Now it’s your turn. Get started with IT training today and discover the ExitCertified difference!  


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