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  • SAP - Agile Project Delivery (Course)

    Course Code: ACT200-v011
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Participants learn about the SAP Activate methodology in agile implementation techniques in SAP projects.    -The...
  • SAP - Agile SAP Project Implementation (Course)

    Course Code: WNASA-v091
    Skills Gained During the SAP Agile training, all aspects of Scrum will be covered both in theory and practice. You will learn about the Scrum values and principles and the way in which these...
  • SAP - Computerized KANBAN (Material Replenishment) (Course)

    Course Code: SCM350-v096
    Skills Gained In this course, participants learn how to apply KANBAN techniques Participants become familiar with prerequisites and background of lean concepts They learn how to implement the KANBAN...