CLEARWATER, Fla., ExitCertified (Tech Data) announced today its first one-day cloud-focused event, the ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit to be held April 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST. Hosted by ExitCertified, this event will feature speakers from leading vendors that are changing how companies do business using various cloud technologies like machine learning, containerization, cloud-native development and Serverless-as-a-Service.

“Our clients are clamoring to learn skills needed to use the newest cloud technologies,” said Mark McCreath, Vice President, Education and Training Solutions at Tech Data. “We hope this summit will share surprising ways some companies are using them to stand out from the competition.”

Perfect for IT professionals, Learning & Development teams and executives, the ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit will present insights and advice on a variety of topics, including those below:

  • Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, cloud-native applications and serverless computing
  • The newest cloud resources, tools, best practices and strategies
  • The most in-demand IT cloud skills for 2022
  • The paths to becoming a certified cloud professional across multiple technologies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and VMware
  • The impacts of cloud computing in business

The summit will include a variety of cloud-focused sessions led by ExitCertified and leading cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

To learn more about the ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit, click here.

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