ForgeRock Identity Cloud Certified Professional

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud Professional exam is for IT professionals responsible for administering deployments of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud. The exam validates your ability to configure, administer, troubleshoot and maintain components of ForgeRock Identity Cloud tenants.

  • The exam consists of 60 questions that must be completed in 90 minutes.
  • Questions are multiple choice.
  • You must achieve a minimum score of 65% to pass.


  • Attendance on IC-300 Getting Started with ForgeRock Identity Cloud (required)
  • Experience configuring and administering ForgeRock Identity Cloud tenants in a production environment


Objective 1: Introducing ForgeRock Identity Cloud

  • Explain the use cases supported by Identity Cloud
  • Explain the environment and roles for managing Identity Cloud

Objective 2: Managing User Identities

  • Manage user identities as an Identity Cloud administrator
  • Add new users using self-registration
  • Modeling an organization structure
  • Add identities with bulk import
  • Customize placeholder properties
  • Synchronize identities from external resources
  • Manage provisioning roles and assignments with Identity Cloud
  • Execute additional administration tasks 

Objective 3: Managing User Journeys

  • Describe the purpose of the default user journeys
  • Modifying Journeys
  • Configure the self-service features of Identity Cloud
  • Configure Identity Cloud to use social registration and authentication

Objective 4: Integrating Applications and Gateways

  • Describe the role of an application in Identity Cloud
  • Add application client profiles
  • Integrate ForgeRock Identity Gateway

Objective 5: Managing Federation

  • Integrate Identity Cloud with third-party services using SAML