PingAccess Certified Professional

The Ping Identity Certified Professional – PingAccess certification measures the candidate’s ability to describe how to perform basic installation and configuration tasks.

This exam covers the following knowledge about PingAccess version 6 or later:

Product Overview

  • Describe the product's features, functionality and basic use cases.


  • Outline the installation requirements.
  • Describe how to install and remove the product using command-line and graphical installation tools.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to set configuration database passwords and how to obfuscate them.
  • Describe how to configure PingAccess to automatically start on Windows or Linux.
  • Describe the product's file system structure.

User Interface

  • Describe the functionality and how to navigate the administrative console.

General Configuration and Maintenance

  • Describe how to import and manage certificates and certificate groups.
  • Describe the ways a certificate can be associated with a virtual host or a listener.
  • Describe the different object types (application, virtual host, web session, etc.) and how they relate to each other.
  • Describe how to create and manage application resource properties.
  • Describe how PingAccess evaluates paths to apply policy and select the appropriate application or resource.
  • Describe the different configuration options used to configure PingAccess to use PingFederate as a token provider.
  • Define the purpose of specified configuration entries
  • Define the OAuth authorization prerequisites for protecting APIs.
  • Define the OpenID Connect prerequisites for defining a web session.
  • Describe how to create or manage a web session.
  • Describe how to configure PingAccess to allow access to anonymous versus authenticated access to specific resources.
  • Define the purpose of the different types of rules.
  • Describe how to configure different rules.
  • Describe the usage of rule sets and rule set groups.
  • Describe how to configure header-based and JWT identity mappings.
  • Describe the purpose of site authenticators.
  • Describe configuring PingAccess to use an agent.
  • Describe basic maintenance tasks such as managing licenses, managing backups, configuration import/export and enabling resource auditing.
  • Describe the elements and basic configuration of an on-premises PingAccess cluster.
  • Describe the purpose of various PingAccess log files

Exam Delivery

This exam is delivered as a remotely proctored, multiple-choice exam. There are roughly 60 items on the exam and a time limit of approximately 90 minutes.